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  • The Curse Girl on April 18, 2012

    *I received this book to review by the Author* This story is a re-telling of the classic story Beauty and The Beast. If you are familiar with this Disney story you are able to recognize all the characters in this book easily. Beauty also called "Bee" for short is a modern version of Belle. Bee is 17 years old living the regular teen life which includes hanging out with friends and dating Drew one of the cutest guy in school. Bee's life takes a drastic and enchanting change when her low down father trades his daughters life to the towns Legendary "Beast" for his second wife's well being. I absolutely Adored this book! Two thumbs up and Five Stars for this crafty re-telling of a story that is so close to everyone's heart! The Author jump's right into the story from the first page which was very smart of her because the readers really dont need a lot of background because this is such an old story. I also appreciated how the author took all the special elements of the book including the Rose,the housekeeper,the curse, and The Beast and ran with it and made her own twisted story of Love,Murder,Betrayal,Forgiveness, and a little magic! This was a short and lovely read. The Author plays a game of tug of war on your every emotion while reading and I found myself laughing out loud to "No He didn't" to "No She didn't!". I also loved the character commentary between Bee and William bickering back in forth and I laughed out loud when Will told Bee that her names fits her because she acts like a Bitch! LOL HILARIOUS!! I enjoyed this from beginning to end. All the twist and turns along with the mystery behind the events that lead to everyone being Cursed and the mystery to figure out how to break the Curse that has taken on a life of it's own. Recommend to: I recommend this book to everyone who loves the original story of Beauty and The Beast. You will definitely have fun reading this and figuring out who all the characters are because of the twists the author puts in the story. A must read! I will definitely be reading more of Kate's books! Cover Rating: 5 stars! The cover is a Beauty! :) Favorite Quotes: "If being happy prevents you from being good, then I'd rather you were miserable. Misery breeds repentance, after all." -Marian/Witch -The Curse Girl by Kate Avery "Hatred is an ugly thing, Bee. It's like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. It corrupts the person holding it inside." -Liam-The Curse Girl by Kate Avery