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  • Heal Your Body, With Your Mind on Jan. 17, 2012

    Words from my readers: My 6 year old son started by saying, "This is weird", but went onto say, "I liked the fairies and the stars, they were my favorite!" and he felt "Happy for the first time EVER!" after listening to me read it. My 10 year old son said he liked that "The door was open for me" and "The fairies are there to take my pain away". He's my most open-minded of the bunch, and he's also very creative. He's also a bit of a "drama boy" in that everything seems to bother him. He struggles with intense anger and headaches and started the session complaining of a headache and knee pain, but jumped up with no pain and smiled and his headache was gone. 20 min. later, at bedtime, he opened up to me about some bullies at school, so it really helped him find something within himself. My 11 and 13 year old boys - The "critical ones" of the bunch, if you will. The 11 year old was born with kidney issues so chronic pain is something he's used to. He felt the book was more geared toward girls, but liked the idea of having something to give your pain to. So it offers him something to run with. He has a hard time with imagination (his words), but its easier to "picture something". The 13 year old is quite a logical kiddo, so he kept wondering why there was a "mysterious floating door in space". So I explained it in a sci-fi kinda way, and that helped a little. (worm-holes are awesome, they lead to other dimensions, evidently...who knew, right?) Of course, he challenged that with, "The book says 'door'..." (sigh.)BUT, he did say that its really cool for younger kids!