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Is there sex in Heaven? Absolutely!! On board giant Solar Powered "Flying Cruise Ships"!

A new form ot travel is coming. Unlike the great zeppelins of the past; new modern high-tech airships will change the way we fly, and change the world as well; by bringing affordable, versatile air transport to any location on earth without need of any airports; and, fight Global Warming.

I am Darrell Campbell, for over 25 years, the CEO of Turtle Airships and the
Designer of the "turtle"; Rigid, Fast, All weather, Solar/Biofuel powered, Amphibious TURTLE AIRSHIP. (not a "blimp" or "zeppelin")

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HELIUM PHOENIX: The Rise of Turtle Airships
Price: $10.95 USD. Words: 62,390. Language: English. Published: July 2, 2009. Category: Fiction » Literature » Business
FLYING CRUISE SHIPS! SOLAR POWERED FLIGHT! This book is a verisimilitude history of Turtle Airships Company and of particular airship accounts, including: Giant Airship Tour Around-the-World, Secret Military Airships, Hospital Airships, Interviews with employees and Airship design and Business notes from the Founder of Turtle Airships. (REGISTER FOR POTENTIAL FREE AIRSHIP RIDES!)

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