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Smashwords book reviews by tutu sr

  • Destiny Calling on Aug. 15, 2012

    This is indeed a difficult book to review. I like to read books that leave people not knowing if they love it or hate it. When this is the usual opinion, most books have a lot of feeling. The book was good, I liked, but didn’t love it. Which is a shame because it had a lot going for it. As for the characters, I know that most readers probably hated Sam , but I truly cared for him and did not find him an over the top brat but oddly enough a lovable and funny guy with an unfortunate mental disease. This is what you really have to understand , the fact that Sam is truly ill and that is the reason he acts like he does. Although I’m sure that Sam would be just as smart mouthed and funny and naughty regardless of his illness. The difference lies in the fact that he cannot control himself. Collin is another story. I wouldn’t have loved him on his own, but I did love him for loving Sam. I do admit to MILD SPOILER........ not being a big fan of the spanking but I can recognize its meaning and necessity in this particular instance. It also helped that it wasn’t sexual. It could have risked being over the top but it wasn’t END OF SPOILER It was a good read. This is a late review, I read the book in April and writing this makes me want to give it another shot, maybe I'll see it from another perspective.
  • Frustration on Aug. 15, 2012

    I saw this book as a recommendation on smashwords while buying another book (Redemption by Olivia Duncan Craig) and decided to buy it also. It was a “you set the price” type of book so I could have gotten it for free but decided to pay for it. Cannot say I regret it. I’m well out of high school but the story of Tyler and closeted Conor was sweet, even if predictable all the way through and overall light. I’ve read greater books with the same theme but that does not detract from this story. Also a plus were Tyler friends, Josh and Rachel