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  • For Rowdy Christians Everywhere on June 25, 2012

    A light-hearted Pilgrim's Progress. The message is wonderful, and the characters are memorable. Still reading it and loving every minute of it.
  • The Gentile Witness, Enoch Book I on Aug. 30, 2012
    (no rating)
    Wonderful book. Different take with no rapture. Really a book to make you think of where your salvation stands. Looking forward to future books.
  • Xander's Chance (#1, Damian Eternal) on March 22, 2013
    (no rating)
    Absolutely wonderful spinoff for the Gods of War series. Xander, the original vampire, is a loner who loves his life peaceful, orderly and his food to be 1 night only. Then Jessi enters his life.
  • Xander's Chance (#1, Damian Eternal) on March 22, 2013

    This is an edit to my previous review adding the stars and an additional comment since I hit the submit too soon :/ Xander was the perfect medium to give insight into the dark, brooding original vampire. I look forward to future works involving the Originals from Lizzy Ford.
  • Deidre's Death (#2, Rhyn Eternal) on July 13, 2013

    I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. A continuation from Gabriel's Hope after Human Deidre and Death Deidre made their bet, Death Deidre is now a human and is Gabriel's mate. Now she must try to fulfill her part of the bet and get Gabriel to love her within a week. Problem is that she has zero of her old powers, and all of these human emotions that she never had before, not to mention only the last 26 years of her memory. Also, Gabriel doesn't trust her. He knows she's hiding secrets and can't trust her until he knows what they are. This book had several funny moments as Deidre learns to be a human for example trying to warm her socks with a toaster. She has many internal battles with her newly developed conscience over the secrets that she is hiding from Gabriel. As she and Gabriel have several discussions about trust and how to gain it, she discovers the secret as to how souls are escaping from Hell into the human world lakes and how to stop it. I found the book fast paced and just wish it was longer. It ends in a cliff hanger, so be prepared to wait for the finale which hopefully comes soon.
  • Jigsaw Soul on July 14, 2013

    4.25 Stars! Arthur Logan is a soldier fighting in the Iraqi war. After being in a special ops unit with the leader from hell by the nickname of Medusa, he is finally released from duty into the civilian world. Suffering from severe PTSD he is responsible for the death of thousands as he causes the crash of 2 airplanes. Incarcerated in a mental ward for PTSD sufferers, he must go on a quest to repair his soul by finding the missing pieces of it. Aided by the ghost of Gen. George Patton, Arthur Logan searches through the world performing various tasks to gather his fractured soul, at one point even going to Valhalla, Camelot and dealing with the sasquatch, while also fighting off wraiths and golems sent by Satan to stop him. Up to almost a quarter of the beginning of the book centers on Arthur Logan and the unit in Iraq led by Medusa. Medusa is a sadistic man who delights in torture and murder of Iraqi insurgents in their quest to find Saddam Once Arthur Logan returns to civilian life, he takes up a job as an air traffic controller. Unfortunately he suffers from severe PTSD and goes into full panic attack mode during a storm that results in the death of thousands. The courts put him into a mental ward and he is under the care of a doctor who at the beginning cares more about her book than truly curing him. Throughout their sessions as he shares his "dreams" she begins to truly care about the outcome. His "dreams" take form in the persona of Gen. George Patton who sneaks into his room several different times and takes him on various quests to find his fracture pieces of soul, culminating in a final battle with Satan. This is not really my normal comfort zone of reading (meaning military books), but this book reached out and grabbed me from the very beginning. I cared about Arthur Logan and the outcome of his journey. The characters that he meets along the way both real and fantasy just added to the story and added a major feel of reality. The book is long and very graphic and not for all readers but I highly recommend it. I am definitely looking for more books by this author.
  • Darkyn's Mate (#3, Rhyn Eternal) on July 14, 2013

    I recieved this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Taking off from the end of Gabriel's Hope, book 3 in the Rhyn Eternal series, human Deidre is now the Dark One Darkyn's mate. She discovers to her horror that he has turned her into a demon, and not just any demon, but a sex demon. Believing at first that she will eventually break free of Darkyn and be able to return to Gabriel, she discovers doors slowly closing off until she has no choice but to accept that she is the one for Darkyn and he is the one for her. This book was shorter than others in the series, but is still a well rounded story for all that (except for the cliffhanger leaving room for book 4 which will hopefully complete the series). This book is steamier than her other YA PNR books, with a lot more sexual situations in it, as well as more language, but other than the F bomb, not too graphic. Darkyn displays a side that while not loving in the traditional sense definitely makes you swoon. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • The Striga Chronicles - Reborn on July 17, 2013

    I received this book from the author free in exchange for an honest review (LoP). Reborn is the telling of how the main character Elizabeth became a Striga. Elizabeth is a girl who is the sole female in a family who has a dark secret. There is a plague sweeping the country, and she stays hidden at home on the directions of her father. Suddenly what remains of her family and household are murdered. Escaping the estate with the only other survivor William, they flee into the surrounding forest. There they are captured, and thus begins Elizabeth's fight for survival and understanding of secrets that her family has harbored for generations, and trying to figure out fact from fiction in the tales told to her by her captors, who is friend and who is foe. Leading up to the night of her "rebirth" and the start of her new family. I thoroughly enjoyed this debut book. The Striga are not your typical vampires. There are no dark dank crypts. These vampires can go out during the day (no sparkles thank God), but they are very ruthless in going after what they want. The young pampered girl is totally believable as her world is turned upside down, as she does everything she can to survive and finds herself betrayed time after time. I definitely look forward to reading the rest of this series. Well done Andrew!
  • Sora's Quest (The Cat's Eye Chronicles #1) on July 19, 2013

    4 1/2 stars!! Sora is a noblewoman. On the night of her Blooming - a party to celebrate her 17th birthday and prepare to start accepting suitors - her father is murdered. She had already planned on running away after the party anyway, so when she runs into the assassin in the hallway and asks him to take her with her, she figured she was good to go (she didn't realize her father was dead at this point). They meet up with one of the assassin's partners, and thus begins the adventure of a lifetime for Sora. One of the things she took with her when she left the manor was a piece of jewelry that used to her mother, The Cats Eye Stone. Sora was wearing it not knowing that it had magical properties. The assassin Crash is on the run from a Wolfie mage, Volcrian, after he murdered the mage's brother. After taking Sora with him and meeting up with one of his partners, a Wolfien named Dorian, they realize what Sora is wearing. After a magical attack, Sora becomes truly kidnapped as they don't want to lose her protection from magic. Chased by Volcrian, they meet up with the other party, another Wolfie named Burn. Sora also discovers that her father really was dead, and SHE is wanted for the murder. In order to escape, they decide to go through the haunted fen, and run into even more adventure. Ms. Shreffler had me hooked from the very beginning. This book was full of adventure, races thought long gone, friendships built, and a special surprise (not giving spoiler there). The world building and character development were excellent. The occasional hints as to Crash's past well put into the story. There are many questions still unanswered, and hopefully we get those in the next installment.
  • Katie's Hellion (Rhyn Trilogy, Book One) on July 23, 2013

    Katie is having a terrible day. First a speeding ticket (and several others as well), then on the train, a 5 year old boy suddenly claims he's her mother! Off to the police station where things progress from worse to even more worse. By the time she's done with the day she's convinced that she's going crazy. It doesn't help that her sister tells her that she suffers from amnesia and has for 5 years. When the death dealer shows up, she's thrown into a world of immortals and her sanity and her safety are both in question. She's going to be VERY lucky to survive, especially after she meets the Ancient who she is destined to mate and his mark show up on her. Rhyn is a 1/2 demon immortal with no control over his magic, who was condemned to Hell for the murder of the intended mate of his brother along with the murder of hundreds of thousands of humans. He has no idea how to relate to this petite yet fiery human who has entered his world. He only knows he wants to protect her but doesn't know how. He also doesn't know his days are numbered and if he doesn't learn to keep his magic in check, I found this book to be a fun read, There were several characters that really relieved the tension that kept building. Great beginning to another series of immortals by the author of the War Gods series. Definitely going to read the rest of the series.
  • Katie's Hope (Rhyn Trilogy, Book Two) on July 28, 2013

    Katie is in even more trouble as she has told Rhyn that she needs time to evaluate their relationship. Still unwelcome in the immortal realm due to her mating with Rhyn, knowing she loves Rhyn, but knowing he can't keep her safe, all she wants is a normal life - or at least as normal as can be possible with a baby angel who is in her care and being a mate to an Ancient who happens to be 1/2 demon. Unfortunately, Kris still needs her help to develop a way for the immortals to fight the demons, and the demons want her blood to be able to develop super demons to kill the immortals. The action in the book is even more fast paced than before, as Katie and Rhyn try to come to grips with what they feel for each other, and the immortals and demons clash. There is betrayal and surprises and emotional roller coasters galore. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.