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Smashwords book reviews by twinsmom

  • Deadly Gamble: The First Charlie Parker Mystery on March 15, 2010

    I really enjoyed this first installment in Connie Shelton's series. It has good characters, a good plot and is very well written. Charlie Parker is very likable and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Thanks to Connie Shelton for making this title (and the next 2) available for free during Read an e-book week!
  • Seeds of Discovery: Dusk Gate Chronicles on Sep. 21, 2011

    I really wanted to love this book because I liked the writing style and the characters but the story itself just kind of left me wanting...wanting more excitement or conflict or action or something. As I read, I just kept waiting for something to happen to suck me in, to make me more excited to keep reading. The story started off intriguing, but once Quinn solved the "mystery" of what happened to William, it became a little too low-key for me. I was intrigued by the world Quinn finds herself in and the people there but I wanted more to happen. Also, I know this is the first book in a series, but the story just ended. I felt like it was unfinished. It almost felt like this was the first half of a book rather than a complete book in and of itself. All in all it's not a bad book but it's not outstanding either. I am curious, however, to see what happens with Quinn and her friends, both old and new. I don't know what Ms. Puttroff has in store for the next book but since this one isn't all that long, I wonder if putting the two together into a larger novel might not be a better move.
  • Love Handles (A Romantic Comedy) on Sep. 25, 2011

    They say opposites attract and in "Love Handles" they certainly do. Bev Lewis, preschool teacher and self-professed "nice" person, inherits her recently deceased and long-time estranged grandfather's failing fitness wear company. Liam Johnson was his right-hand man and like a son to him, or so he thought, until he found himself left out of his will. Regardless, Liam loves Fite like it's his own company and can't bear to see it continue to fail, which he figures will happen for sure if a woman with no business experience at all takes the helm. He's convinced that he can get Bev to leave the running of the company in his capable hands. Recently out of a job, Bev wants to take on this new challenge and turn her grandfather's company around, but she knows she can't do it without Liam's expertise. Neither one expected to like the other, let alone be so attracted. This was a fun contemporary romance with two very likeable main characters. While trying to prove herself to her family and save her company, Bev finds an inner strength that she never knew she had and Liam, while getting to know Bev, finds his softer side. Together they make a great pair. I wouldn't necessarily call this a romantic comedy, as I didn't find myself laughing, but it is definitely a solid romance. If I could make one constructive criticism, it would be that someone re-proofread the book, as I found multiple typos throughout. These are not something that would be caught with spell-check, but they might with a grammar check. Most of the time it was a spelling error that resulted in a different (but real) word (like "his" instead of "this"). However sometimes it was a missing word (like "the") or other small grammatical errors. These mistakes didn't bother me nor do I feel they detracted from the story in any way, but I thought they should be mentioned in case it bothers some readers. All in all I really enjoyed reading this book and would definitely read more by this author. **Please note that I received a free copy of this book through another website but writing a review was not a requirement of receiving the copy.**
  • The Supermodel's Best Friend (A Romantic Comedy) on Nov. 12, 2011

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the very beginning to the very end. Every time I had to put it down, I couldn't wait to pick it up again. I didn't want it to end and yet I did, so I could see how everything turned out. Gretchen Galway's writing is very good with snappy dialogue befitting the fun and sometimes quirky characters. I genuinely liked Lucy and Miles and enjoyed seeing them navigate their way through the feelings they brought out in each other. Secondary characters, like Betty and Fawn to name just two, were just as enjoyable as the main characters, and helped bring the book to life. "The Supermodel's Best Friend" is a fun and completely enjoyable contemporary romance. I highly recommend it. **Please note that I received a free copy of this book but writing a review (positive or otherwise) was not a requirement of receiving the copy.**