V. Alexander


V. Alexander is the author of a series of film noir-style novels that feature dynamic women who are at odds with their respective environments. Having spent years making money in the dark and often treacherous world of international trade, V has worked with a myriad of colorful women who have honed certain skills in order to survive. Some of these women are educated and have to work like mad to undo all the damage. Others are unstable and lack any formal education whatsoever. Some call these women crazy. The author calls them multimillionaires.

V has several advanced degrees that will never be used and has enjoyed an unconventional lifestyle, making deals with Fortune 500’s and other entities to buy and sell all kinds of merchandise for profit. Inspired by the witty and adventurous women in the author’s life, V’s writing career began with one simple question..."Is there any reward for being truly different in our society, or are outsiders destined to dwell among the defective and the misunderstood?"

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