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  • Physical Culture, Personal Evolution on Feb. 09, 2012

    I stumbled upon Josh through Exuberant Animal, not a real life interaction, just the internet as Washington is across the country from Michigan. Anyway, in my own physical culture and personal evolution over the past 7+ years, I have many ups and downs, starting with significant weight loss in my early teenage years, to experimentation with vegetarianism, all the way to a full blown eating disorder and eventual certification from the Monkey Bar Gymnasium. But there is something interesting about all of these experiences, in all of the books I have read before, with the exception possibly of those by Bruce Lee, and with all of the different approaches I have taken to training, from running, to yoga, to bodyweight only to weights, none of these left me feeling empowered, nor at the very least any better about myself. Josh Leeger's book is quite literally, fresh air, a book that's sole purpose is do empower everyone to develop their own physical cultural practice. Yes there is so much more that can be explored more in depth, but the key is changing our perspective from consumers of physical culture information and programs, to artists, creating our own practice. A practice which will support not only our physical and mental health, but also our spiritual health, in that we will have greater passion and love for life and living through this practice. I would just like to thank Josh for writing such an excellent book, as coming from a kid who likes art, but also sees his family physically, mentally and spiritually suffering around him, and has been in some not so great places health wise, I am trying to create a life after school that combines my passions for art, movement, food and education into a livelihood, but more importantly into a practice that allows me to, HAVE FUN!