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Smashwords book reviews by Tyler-Rose Neath

  • Everblossom: A Short Story and Poetry Anthology on Feb. 25, 2012

    Well... As an English student, I thought I'd be bored of poetry... And I honestly am... However this book mixed poetry and short stories and it seemed to work well! I enjoyed reading it, though I read it last night as I haven't been feeling well as of late. I'm not entirely sure what my first immediate thoughts of the book were, but after having time to think about it, I'm not truly impressed. I was hoping for something else... Not sure what, but I was kind of let down. I'd read good reviews on smashwords and some not so good reviews, but all (of the bad ones) simply stated that the book wasn't for them so I figured the book itself was good, just not everyone's cup of tea. I found this to be my issue as well... Some of the short stories could have easily been turned into full books, or at least have been extended. The poems were amazing also. It just wasn't what I was looking for whilst ill. Maybe I'll pick it up again and read it some other day? Maybe when I'm feeling better?... I received this kindle version from the author in exchange for an honest review!
  • Intuition on May 29, 2012

    When J Meyers emailed me and asked me if I was interested in reviewing Intangible, despite how amazing it sounded I almost had to turn it down (what with exams and all!). But he then mentioned Intuition was free and would introduce me to his characters. Well, I was sold! So, this is a very short introduction to J's novel Intangible. I'm impressed with the premise. The idea for the novel is shown to be an interesting one from Intuition and it allows us to meet the characters inside the Intangible story (where as it could have been a completely separate story...). We see an example of Luke and Sera's powers put to the test in Intuition which gives us a hint of what Intangible will be like. I'm really excited to get my hands on Intangible. His writing is amazing, the characters were interesting and I only wish I could read Intangible immediately. I definitely suggest you read it. So yeah, read it and let me know what you think about it! Originally written at: http://the-reading-pile.blogspot.co.uk