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For most of her life, Amy Scobee worked full time for the church of Scientology, majorly in upper management. After leaving in 2005, she became an author, publisher and spokesperson against human rights abuses. She has been a guest speaker for events across the US and in several countries including Germany, Denmark, France and Italy. She has appeared on radio & television and has been featured in magazines, newspapers and on-line news sites internationally.
Recently, Amy and her mother Bonny were featured on A&E's Season 1, Episode 1 of Leah Remini's: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH docu-series, which has just been nominated for an Emmy.

Smashwords Interview

How did you first get involved with Scientology?
I was 14 years old. My parents had recently divorced and my mother took custody of me and my older brother. The three of us moved 30 miles north to the Seattle area and my mother started working as a draftsman at a company near by. My brother and I would go to school during the day and spend the evenings with our mom. We’d visit my father on the weekends. I was beginning to get used to this routine when suddenly my mother was no longer spending the evenings with us. Instead, she began attending classes after work at the local Church of Scientology.

One day I was home alone and the phone rang. It was a staff member from the church named Brett. I told him that my mom wasn’t home. He said that he was actually calling to talk to me. He said that he heard I was a very nice person and that I should come into the church to do an introductory service myself. I remember becoming very curious about this. I recall thinking, "Even though I’m just a kid, these guys are interested in me!" That somehow made me feel recognized and important.

I told my mother about the invitation and asked if I could go in with her to meet Brett, to which she agreed. Brett was a very handsome man, posted as the Public Registrar, responsible for signing new people up for service and collecting their money. He interviewed me and said that he could tell I had a lot of potential and would go very far in life, but that I needed to learn several tools to be able to do so successfully. I really wanted to find out all about this. Brett called my mother into his office and had her pay for my first course so I could get started immediately. And so, I enrolled on my first course – the "Communications Course", on 17 May 1978.
Why did you choose to write a book about your experiences?
I felt it was very important to not only thoroughly review what I had just gone through for my 27 years as a staff member for Scientology, but to make that experience known to others so they can learn what goes on behind the scenes. The beginning services in Scientology seem very sensible and helpful. It's like the bait and once you nibble on it, they get a hook into you and it's NOT easy to free yourself once you're hooked. Making the information known will hopefully enlighten people so they can see just how controlling and demanding and abusive the organization is – and stay clear of it themselves.
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A former top insider who spent 2 decades at their international headquarters, reveals the nightmare world of violence and abuse at the highest levels of the Church of Scientology.

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