ULRIKE – Born in Salzburg, Austria, ULRIKE began a career in Entertainment Events in 1992 at a major Hollywood Studio, a position that would span nearly 20 years in the world of motion pictures and television. During this period, she continued her intense studies, teaching and writing about her passion – her metaphysical findings.

In 2011 ULRIKE decided to pursue her path as an inspirational author/writer and metaphysics teacher full time, guiding her students through private classes and workshops. With her concept of right thinking, under the name “Modern Thought Theories”, and her books “…because you can”, “Inspire your Day!”, “The Seeds Will Sprout Somewhere”, and her newest work “Forever…and 365 Days”, she is reaching out to students en masse who are also searching for more meaning in their lives, exposing them to the power of right thinking and the application thereof.

ULRIKE lives in Los Angeles, California, and frequently writes for several inspirational on-line publications and print magazines, producing over fifty articles about the workings of the Mind and the Laws of the Universe.

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Forever and 365 Days
Life lives, and will go on forever...but we are still dealing with our human experiences. We are still here - right now. Let's apply what we know - every day, step by step. From caterpillar to butterfly. Love not emotion, is the key to our transformation. Love is the motivating principle of all. Love is the mother of our being. Let us return to this source of bliss, let us enjoy health, wealth and happiness. Now and "Forever...and 365 days".


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