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Charles Betterton, MSCED -- Charles has been helping individuals, organizations, and communities discover and manifest more of their ultimate destiny for forty years by fostering development, empowerment, and transformation.

He has a Master’s in Community Economic Development (CED) from Southern New Hampshire University. Charles has management experience in disaster relief, government, community development, community economic development, business and nonprofit organizations.

Charles has taken an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach to the world of non-fiction publishing. After investing a few years studying publishing, electronic publishing and Internet marketing, he established his own publishing, marketing and distributing company, Ultimate Destiny Network. He also founded two affiliated non-profit organizations, Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living and Center SPACE, (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment.

Charles conceived, created and coauthored 14 individual titles that are now available in the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library as digital E-books, print books and also as webinars, seminars and workshops. He has a couple of dozen additional titles in various stages of completion, many that will be published later in 2017.

Each title in the initial series covers a major facet of helping readers discover and fulfill their “ultimate destiny”, (whatever that means to each individual). They include: Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle, (the main title in the series) and stand-alone books on: Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny: Enjoying Loving Relationships; Achieving Ultimate Success in Business or Career; Realizing Your Ultimate Potential; Fulfilling Your Life Purpose; Enjoying Ultimate Health and Well-Being: Harnessing Your Creative Mind Power; Enjoying Financial Freedom and Prosperity; Raising Your Consciousness Level; Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment; Enjoying Peace and Balance; Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy; and Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability.

The 14 titles each serve as an online “University for Successful Living” with its own web site, blog site, quizzes, self-discovery exercises, featured resources, Hall of Fame Awards, access to coaching, newsletters, bonus materials, etc.
Charles held leadership positions with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for about 15 years in St. Louis, Missouri, Xenia, Ohio, Richmond, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Michigan, and Chicago and Kankakee Illinois.

While he was employed at the HUD Office in Detroit in 1976, Charles received the highest cash award ever paid a HUD employee for a modification he made to a computerized property management system that saved an estimated 300 million dollars. He has produced major events for up to 1,800 participants featuring world- class trainers such as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Bonnie St. John, Brian Tracy, Chin-Ning Chu and others. Charles participates in and supports organizations such as the World Business Academy, Social Venture Network, Heart Math, Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Love Center, and others.

For the past 10 years, Charles has lived in San Diego, California and Sedona, Arizona, two communities where his company and non-profits are based. His latest project is a new Expanding the Circle of Success Campaign he launched to establish a national network of CAN DO! Community Resource Centers.

The Centers that will provide training on Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century, incorporate the results of award-winning prototypes he developed first in Greenville, MS and later for Community Development Corporations and Public Housing Authorities in Illinois, Indiana and New York. He can be reached at

The additional coauthors of the Ultimate Destiny Success System include Penny Kelly, Howard Pepper, Kimberley Jace, Leslie Riopel, and Lorie King who coauthored Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy.

The Ultimate Destiny Success System is a comprehensive Ultimate YOUniversity for Successful Living that helps you do three vital things. We call them the A.R.K.: Awaken to your true identity as a spiritual being having a human experience; Realize more of your inherent potential; and Know how to discover and create your ultimate destiny—the fulfillment of your own vision for what you were meant to be.

You Can Help Ultimate Destiny Expand the Circle of Success! Our main purpose in publishing our books is not to make money from selling them electronically or in print. We are using our series of 14 books and E-books to help introduce the larger vision and mission of our cause-oriented company Ultimate Destiny Network (that is based on the 4Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability) and our affiliated non-profit membership organization.

Our objectives are to:

Enroll new members in Ultimate Destiny University who would like to help us provide greater access to development training programs that empower people to help solve the global challenges we face together.

Attract potential partners and funders for our Expanding the Circle of Success Campaign.

Connect with local hosts and sponsors for our Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems™ and Empowerment Resource Centers.

Obtain additional resource providers, joint venture marketing partners, affiliates, and individuals and companies that would like to have a license to market and or facilitate training based on our programs and products.

And of course, we are also holding an intention of attracting additional accredited investors who would like to help us ensure the success of Ultimate Destiny Network.

The publisher will donate 100 percent of the profits from the sale of the 14 titles in the Ultimate destiny Success System to provide training programs to people who are least likely to have access this type of material. Distribution is through the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living, a non-profit membership organization with decades of experience developing award-winning CAN DO! programs for United Way agencies, community development corporations, and Public Housing Authorities.

We know that providing these educational and inspirational materials on Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century will empower people from every walk of life. The training and mentoring available through our network of Community Economic Development Resource Centers can also educate and equip community residents to help solve the increasing social, economic and environmental challenges we face together.

Near the end of each title in the Ultimate Destiny Success System, we provide a link for our blog site related to the facet of “solving your ultimate destiny success puzzle” presented in each book. There readers will be able to provide your feedback, reviews and suggestions. Please do share your wisdom and positive support of these programs. We, the co-authors and our publisher, have designed them to help you, our readers, realize more of your potential, fulfill your life purpose and mission and create your ultimate destiny (whatever that means to you personally).

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