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  • Finally on March 13, 2014

    This is a paranormal romance book that focuses primarily on Rogue, who is a reaper working for death(who is quite unpleasant), and Emerson(yes, this is a guys name but she is a girl) she reminds rogue of his previous love but Emerson is on a suicidal path, and it is up to rogue to prevent that. I really enjoyed the story, I've read a lot of books but none of them had a story quite like this, it is an original in an age where there isn't that much originality left. The character's show depth and the writing is pleasing, though i have to say i did not find the ending to be as refreshing as the rest of the book but i can say it is acceptable hence the four stars. All in all i enjoyed the book and am sure anyone else who reads this will as well. Recommended to people who like paranormal and or romance books.