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Hailing from Albany, GA, Untamed is an adult and urban fiction author who accredits her early education in magnet school programs for her creative mind and passion for the literary field. She first found a love of writing as a young child through her love of reading. It was the novel entitled, Coming of Age by Lorri Hewitt that truly inspired Untamed and became the flame that ignited her introduction to the pen and pad.

Untamed's writing journey began twenty years ago at thirteen years old with poetry, spoken word and short stories. Throughout her high school and college years, she received many accolades for her writing ability to include the Coca-Cola Young Writers Award and honorable mention in the Sandhills Writers’ Conference.

Deciding to pursue a career in business, Untamed set aside writing for years. However, after suffering the loss of her child, she felt a void in her life and began writing again to remain encouraged. Yet, the void still seemed to remain and she began to develop her writing talents as a novelist due to her own personal life experiences. It was then that Untamed realized her gift should be shared with the world and she made the decision to become a published author. Best known for her gritty yet flavorful language, Untamed embraced urban literature to bring about knowledge and support through real life, every day stories with highly animated and lifelike characters. Her powerful words and straight up, no-chaser verbiage delivers punches that will leave you screaming for more.

In 2012, Untamed released her debut novel entitled, Never Again…No More through One Karma Publishing to rave reviews. Untamed’s work has been featured in several print ads including Books On Blast by Urban Books, Authors, & Writers of America (UBAWA) and Kontrol Magazine. Untamed has also had several author features and interviews including noteworthy interviews with PD Radio and The Morning Cook Up Show which generates over a million listeners. Since that time, Untamed penned her second novel entitled, Never Again…No More II: Getting Back to Me in July 2013.

Writing is truly a passion for Untamed and it is her hope that her writing will fulfill her purpose to touch lives, encourage growth and give a voice to the voiceless. Staying true to this goal, Untamed will continue to share her gift of writing for years to come as she delivers it to you real, raw and purely Untamed!

She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and children.

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Smashwords book reviews by Author Kreceda Untamed

  • Elven Jewel (book 1 in the Hunters of Reloria series) on May 26, 2014

    I have to start by saying that fantasy novels are not my first choice of reads. I love fantasy movies so I thought why not give a novel a try. I'm glad I did. The story truly pulled me in and I can't wait to read the complete series. This book truly brought the fantasy to life for me and I was completely engulfed. As a fellow author, I truly appreciate the fact that story was well written and formatted properly. Excellent job! Truly a 5 star read
  • Coincidental Fate on June 04, 2016

    Najee is tackling life's challenges and day to day tasks as a proud and successful single mother. She has a steady mate that's been by her side, Keith. Despite the craziness that surrounds both Najee and Keith's lives, there is a nice and quaint home balance. But wait a minute...Najee is intrigued by the mysterious Samson. While she attempts to hold on to her stable life, Samson threatens to shake it up a bit and unleash feelings and a possible whirlwind romance with Najee. Will she hold on to familiarity or will she venture off with "that dude who came to show up and prove" that he was everything that Najee could ever want?! DD nailed this short story and leaves us desperately wanting more! Ham Mercy!!!
  • Samson's Story on July 22, 2016

    In D.D.'s sequel to Coincidental Fate, she reveals Samson's viewpoint. Samson is everything right with a man. His gentleness, thoughtfulness, and protective nature shines through as his visit with Najee continues. It is further explored in the way he interacts with his daughter, Jamela. The attraction grows and is undeniable in this follow-up story. However, it's revealed that both Samson & Najee have to tread carefully and make some serious decisions before they can embrace the unstoppable romance blossoming between them. As Samson said, he came to show up and prove and he's not finished yet! Can't wait to see just how this destined romance takes off...or will it?