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Smashwords book reviews by unusablebooklore

  • Mike & Dylan on July 31, 2023

    Fun. Quick. There was some really odd word choices made and maybe an overly liberal use of the thesaurus… Also WTF - “He smells like a black panther sitting under the hot sun and leather”.
  • Fifty, Furred, and Fabulous! on Aug. 05, 2023

    3.5 stars FMC 49 - MMC 47  Lovely island holiday set novella. Mates but not the intense lust kind…Just super insta smitten, “I can’t f— this up” kind.  Great ending. I would have read a full novel.
  • Game Plan on Sep. 19, 2023

    All my notes for this book are in bullet form. I devoured it. Being a Canadian who's been displaced for the last 15 years it was wonderful. I didn’t realise the excitement I would have reading books set in Canada or how I felt instantly immersed. Middle life Forbidden-ish Coach/dad of player Hockey Second chance Mental health rep - depression Bookish No 3rd act break up! So much communication I loved this book and I'm so excited to read the next book. Amy Aislin is quickly becoming a must read author for me.
  • To the North of His Pole on Dec. 19, 2023

    No plot, all heat. Would I read a full length book about Santa and his elf? Probably. But that wasn’t needed as this super short, steamy read is about as long as drinking a cup of coffee/cocoa/egg nog. Super fun, will 100% read more by K.C. Carmine
  • The Twelve Kinks of Christmas on Dec. 20, 2023

    Fell a bit short for me. Almost DNF’ed at 47%. Over use of “Buddy”, the MC’s start using “Honey” and “Love” as terms of endearment minutes into them hooking up for the first time. It totally removed my ability to enjoy this VERY short story.
  • Hot Mall Santa on Jan. 03, 2024

    3.5 stars. I am a SIMP for AJ Truman. He can do no wrong. This wasn’t my FAVOURITE of the 9 books of his I read in 2023. Was it bad? Not even a little. It just wasn’t my fave. The MMC’s were a little on the young side for my reading pleasure. Over all it was a fun holiday read, even if I had to suspend my grip on reality trying to envision a model as Santa and kids being okay with it. It also had a little too much - he’s so hot… for my tastes it makes everyone appear too shallow. But, I would say it was good. I think I would have like to had a bit more depth to the characters, but considering they’re in their early 20’s and it’s a novella, I really can’t complain.
  • The Ugliest Sweater on Jan. 04, 2024

    Short, sweet and FAR steamier than I anticipated. 🥵 Who knew some people could get REALLY revved up by Christmas apparel. Moral of the story seems to be…even public bathroom hookups can lead to you finding your weirdo. So Just say yes? A truly excellent, Christmas novella set in London.
  • Game Changer on Jan. 29, 2024

    Hockey Romance Edge of middle life - MCs are 29/30 Boss/assistant Set in Canada Book 2 in the Vancouver Orca’s series staring the Shore cousins. Charlie Shore needs money, and Blair needs a Charlie. Blair and Charlie intertwine into a jumble of emotions and body parts that blur the lines of a typical employer/employee relationship. This book gave me so much foot kicking and all of the tingles. Charlie is super hung up on relationships ending…his parents divorce effed him up, so Blair is big time off limits. Also, it was gut wrenching to see Charlie struggle, like so many people, he wasn’t equipped with the financial acumine needed to thrive as an adult and his struggle is really relatable. As I’ve found with all Amy Aislin books the characters are great, I fell madly for all of the Shore cousins and cannot wait for Dorian’s book.
  • Forget Me Knot: An Mpreg Romance on March 16, 2024

    3.5*s Personally I don’t see the issues people on other sites had with this book. Yes it’s insta-love, it’s Omegaverse 🙄. The Alien thing 🤷‍♀️ the author seemed to want to world build a little. Considering this is the first in a series, I get it. To be honest, I appreciate its divination from the norm. It gave more depth than suggesting the book had a society the same as the one we know, with a complex social/biological hierarchy, mpreg, oh and no women. Also it’s a <100pg novella, I’m not sure how much “story” people wanted packed into a book about a dude having a baby put in him. The MCs don’t even kiss until page 30 🙄
  • Sign In: A Short Story on March 22, 2024

    This had a great premise. Very 00’s. Boy is chatting with online person. They are both boys assuming they are talking to girls. They figure out their mistake and make plans to meet up irl. The online paramour walks up to our MC and lo and behold it’s the most popular boy in uni! Who then proceeds to take advantage of our MC with some very dubious (not really there) consent. The popular boy has experience with boys, and also knows our nerdy not popular MC by both first and last name. Shock! It all feels very catfishy. So many silly sideline bits and bobs. The MC’s parents hate him. The boys use the L-word within 24hrs. They are under 20 and only bang twice in an empty house all day? Story ends SUPER abruptly. In its current state 1 star was generous, it could have been great.
  • Seeking Sword: An Erotic Orc Story on March 22, 2024

    Way more fantasy than the cover lead me to believe it would be. To be honest I was overwhelmed by all the alternative terminology for...well everything? Pretty thrilled I picked this up in a sale and didn’t pay for it. I’m sure others may like it more, if you're into more fantasy it could be right for you. Was was hoping for something more monster romance like.
  • Dad Jokes and Pine Cones on March 24, 2024

    3.5 Stars - I’m a BIG fan of puns; this book tested even my limits. Hurt/comfort/hurt donut 🍩 Found family Homophobia I appreciated and hurt for Wishes. The cognitive dissonance of loving and feeling a specific way about a person and then their death be so different and not jive with how you knew them, would be so difficult. It must be so hard to lose an imperfect person and have to act like they were because your child saw them as a superhero. Over all this book was good. The pace wavered a bit, it probably could have been a whole lot shorter. I felt like the relationship progressed really well to begin with. As things moved on there were so many communication issues, and I felt like every other page had the guys taking a step forward or a step back. Despite this I had a really difficult time putting it down. A slur is used once which considering the context and maturity if the character who said it off page, I’m not too terribly hung up on it. What I have a bigger issue with is that the author had their characters reading a book (mentioned by author and title) it dates the book, and because of the choice of novel it left a gross taste in my mouth. It’s literally mentioned at 97% and sadly spoiled the last 15 pages of the book for me. JUST DON’T mention things that can date a book. Classic books for adult/kids nothing from the last 80 years.
  • For nEver Mine: Mate Mistake #1 on March 24, 2024

    No mpreg shifting novel *happy dance* Taboo - But doesn’t really feel it (at least early on). The bros are being driven by their mating not an ACTUAL desire for each other. Also people see it as something to snicker about…not super taboo. I love that Riley was raised like an Alpha, and that Shiloh’s wolf feels (wolf for emasculated 😬) it adds a whole different vibe. Feel like AGES since I found a shifter novel (with pack nonsense) I was really into. Brotherly love aside. This was just a genuinely fun read. I was hooked up into the drama that comes along with a good enemy of the pack story.
  • Heat Virus on April 14, 2024

    Never thought I would be giving 25 pages of seggs 4 stars but here we are. My biggest issue is that it was a little too quick for me to really give it 5 stars, there just wasn't enough build up. This is set in space. 2 bros go on a camping trip on a planet that has recently had a relatively secret viral outbreak. The only way they can hold out for help is to become much closer than they ever have been. Super quick, essentially one scene with a little before and after to set up the story and the HEA.
  • Launch the Hunt on April 16, 2024

    Small town Alaska Bird shifters #MiddleLifeRomance I love the deviation from the norm where shifters changing humans is concerned. I also LOVED that there is no mpreg in this book. I was so happy to find a book where there is shifting without a ridged alpha hierarchy. Genuinely adored the setup and characters. Middle length this book gives the characters depth and complexity. This was my first Mia hunt book. It won't be my last as I intend to finish this series and will likely grab all of her contemporary books.
  • Surrender the Chase on April 16, 2024

    3.5 Stars - #MiddleLifeRomance (kinda age gap - 27/39) Hockey Small town Wolf shifters Not exactly insta-love but, definitely a fate based drive toward each other. These guys are drawn to each other in a more epic way than just sniffing each other. I love that this series has no mpreg.