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Smashwords book reviews by valca85

  • Broken City on July 27, 2012

    This is a wonderfully original view of a post-apocalyptic world, which is sure to be a big hit with all lovers of that style of books. The world building the author has done really makes all the difference. She’s written a carefully structured story in a type of military city that is fascinating to read about. There are just enough details to keep the reader interested but not overwhelming explanations of how this particular “world” works, so we don’t feel like we are bombarded with information. We are not distracted from the main story. The characters are quite fun. Tom, in particular, was one of the ones I liked best. He is quiet and mysterious, complete opposite to Deeta, the protagonist. Their interactions were written well. The book did start off a bit slow, but as the story continued, the pace really picked up. There are many wonderful moments in the book that. The writer uses a bit of one of my favorite literary techniques, the unreliable narrator, which is very hard to use convincingly and she succeeded, so she deserved definite credit for that. All in all, this one is a fun addition to the dystopian genre and I do recommend it.