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Smashwords book reviews by Leslie Hansford

  • Witchwood Estate - Ferntree Falls (book 2) on April 16, 2013

    Leslie Hansford I guess I am YAH (Young At Heart). I loved this installment !!! Ferntree Falls may seem like a sleepy, touristy, little hamlet ... but it has many secrets and many interesting people living there. Magick is a way of life at Ferntree Falls !!! These characters come to life under the creative imagination of Patti Roberts and you find yourself loving some of them, and disliking some of them. Patti has outdone herself, and I cannot wait for the next installment to arrive !!! Alexandria deals with arriving back at her ancestral home, getting to know the locals, and personal plight. A short read, well worth your time!!
  • Gift of Continence on Sep. 08, 2014

    STELLAR DARK HUMOR!! Fiona's getting married. Why? Don't ask her. If you know what's good for you. The balance of your sanity may hang on your decision. She's completely over-the-top in her reasoning and conclusions. I love Fiona. She everything everybody is at times, even though we hope we will never be. Irrational, scared, naïve and then, there is the Cat! The cat could not be more Human if he'd had a real voice. This book was beautifully constructed. The humor and human interaction between the characters was so flawless, that it left me feeling I had actually met them, and found myself saying, "Oh snap out of it, Fi!" The comedic timing was spot on to the point that it left me with aching sides from laughing out loud. Brilliant descriptions of places and situations that you don't usually see in short novels. I found that once I picked Fiona's story up, I couldn't wait to hear what she'd say next. I ended up not putting the book down even through my meal, which I do not often do. Definitely worth a re-read. I closed the last page feeling refreshed and in a very good mood. It was a magical and musical Story. Ms. Ormiston-Smith goes Artisan and excels at the narrative!