Valerie Knight


Valerie Knight has led a nomadic life and enjoys setting her stories in parts of the world where she has lived. These include Iran, Iraq and Libya (when they were still kingdoms), Amsterdam in the 1970s, London, Dorset, Italy, and various parts of Australia.
Much of her professional life has been spent as a writer and editor in the fields of holistic health, personal growth and spirituality. Her stories and articles have been published in magazines in the UK and Australia and a number of her stories have received awards and recognition in international competitions. Her interest in Eastern Philosophy means that her stories often contain an element of karma or come-uppance.
She has two books available from Smashwords: a light-hearted self-help book, 'The Art of Purrsistence and other life-lessons I learnt from my cat' and a collection of short stories, 'Kismet, Karma and Cake'.
Valerie now shares a seaside flat in Cyprus with her one-eyed cat, Chloe.


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