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Smashwords book reviews by Valerie Jane Vonnegan

  • Dragonslayer No More? Vol. 1 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series on March 27, 2013

    I bought this book thinking I would get around to it over the weekend in an effort to read more books. Once I pulled up the first page, I ACTUALLY read this start to finish in the same sitting. That doesn't happen often! I was immediately very happy with the main character, Carison. He has more personality than other fantasy heroes who just exist to be shirtless and powerful. Carison is smart, witty, and sarcastic... but can definitely back it up with ability as he's a (mostly) successful dragonslayer by trade. My favorite part of this series is the female lead character Raven, a sorceress. Women don't often get great roles in books, but Raven is beautiful, understated, and smart. She's powerful, unlike the too-often-found weak girls just wrote in to be pretty love interests. She plays a major role in the book and uses her femininity in a way that is smart and classy while still seeming a little dangerous. The storyline is intensely good and wastes no time leaping into action. The writer is very skilled at describing action sequences and made me feel like I was there with Carison smelling and feeling the battle with the dragon. It has a very enjoyable romance plot that isn't too girly at all - this is a fantasy novel that knows and understands its reader. The villains are dark, but complex; their motives are explained very well and leave the reader open to make their own decisions on whether to hate them. The ending was perfect! I am scrambling to buy the rest of the series now to find out more about the mysterious ending. I want to be right there along with Raven as she learns to control her intense powers and Carison as he figures out how to go about life with one arm. If you like fantasy novels, give this one a try! The book was absolutely a 5-star experience and definitely on par with my other favorite fantasy series, Sword of Truth. I will be coming back for more!
  • Dragonslayer and His Sorceress Vol. 2 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series on March 28, 2013

    If you got this far, I have to assume you already read the first book in the series and that you liked it enough to look into the second. This is my new favorite series. I was excited to see if the author could keep the pace with the sequel as many authors "fizzle" when it's time for a sequel. The second book is just as thrilling as the first. I am a sucker for strong female roles and I can't get enough of Raven. While I don't want to give away any spoilers, I have to say that her relationship with Carison feels VERY right and it wasn't forced upon the reader like in many books. My absolute favorite thing about this series has to be the villains. Butcher Lemore is a truly sinister villain and I was curious to see what would happen after the crazy end to the first one. You will not be disappointed with his plans in this book! This sequel has action, suspense, drama, and even a tragic moment in between. I can't get enough of this series!
  • Abandon the Established Path? Vol. 3 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series on March 28, 2013

    Between Carison, Orson, and Raven I don't know who my favorite character is! I am taken away by the constant struggle Raven has to control herself. Her character depth expands so much in this installment! I could not stop myself from turning the pages as fast as I could when I got to part two! Not only do my favorite characters return here but the drama and twists and turns kept me up all night reading. The Butcher returns as well and we see more of his plan with the mysterious egg. I don't want to ruin the ending but this is probably my favorite book in the series with all of the surprises! If you liked the first two then I assume you will pick this one up as well. I have never been happier that there was an 8 part series, but now I'm stuck waiting for the rest to come out!
  • The Aftermath Vol. 4 Dilemmas of a Dragonslayer Series on March 28, 2013

    If you have been following along this series and Raven was your favorite character, you will be SHOCKED by the fourth book in this series. You folllow Carison as he continues on his path to confront the Butcher Lemore in between learning more about Raven and her inner struggle and transformation. I have to say that through all of these books I am most impressed at how natural the relationships and friendships feel in the story. Somehow I feel like these could almost be real people. They aren't your typical one-dimensional characters, and like every truly great piece of fiction, they are complex and completely different from one another. Lemore does NOT disappoint in my need for a villain. Carison not only yearns to take out the Butcher - he now finally faces the diamondscale that Lemore is responsible for. I love the descriptions of the dragons and now somehow I can see them in my mind. I want to own this series on paperback and put it right next to my other favorites! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 5th in the series!