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Smashwords book reviews by Valerie Vally

  • Triangle on Oct. 31, 2012

    I finally got a chance to get this ebook and jumped at it! I read it before when I was still on the author's website. Let me just say that this book means a lot to me. It's so well written - the perfect mix of angsty, thoughtful and funny. I remember that at first I thought the alternating point of views might not work for me, but it pulls you in from the first sentence, and after that you can't put it down. I just can't get enough of James and Danny. I love all their scenes, their little fights and conversations best. They just have such chemistry! I love how James can't stand Danny at first, and then very slowly and believable starts to realize what he means to him. Danny is such a great character too - at first he seems so mean, but then you find out more about him, and why he did all those things, and what he feels for James. But they have to overcome a lot of obstacles, and I love that they both grow in the process. And I thought the whole storyline with Nick was so well done, too. He really grows on you. By the end of the book I felt so close to these characters that they felt so real, like people I actually got to know. All the remains to be said is that I hope there will be more from this author soon! I'll be sure to read it!