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  • Diary of Infection: The Turning on Dec. 30, 2010

    I was seriously let down this was NOT a book! I read all 3 parts without pause! It was an awesome story. Your typical Z-Bee story BUT I loved how the Z-Bee still had his "human" brain/thoughts while his body did the Z-Bee thing. I also loved how the Z-Bee's had their own way of living and communicating, feelings they expressed, ect. Seriously, I am new to the Z-Bee genre (a vampire lover looking for a few cool Z-Bee tales led me to this short story) & am stoked I found this story. I also enjoyed how the transformation was not immediate, the person knew what was happening and had to ponder their fate and decide if they had the ballz to kill themselves or turn into a flesh eater or not.
  • Diary of Infection: A New Life on Dec. 30, 2010

    SPOILERS!!!! The ending threw me for a loop! I saw *SPOILER* him getting into Walmart (a perfect place to hole up in case of a Z-Bee attack BTW) & possibly killing the Mother but not the Z-Bee experiments! Nor the cure! *SPOILER* The cure was AWESUM! It wasnt the bleach shots was it? Anyways, a FANTASTIC set of short stories! I put them on my Pandigital Ereader a few days ago and read them ALL last night. I can't say enuff about how awesome this was. I am now looking for a few other Z-Bee tales hoping to capture a similar feel as the one you wrote. I hope.
  • Pretty When She Dies on Jan. 18, 2011

    This was a PHENOMENAL book, It kept me interested from page one. I LOVED the story & the characters. Hope there is a part 2 :)
  • Zombie Nights on Jan. 18, 2011

    OK, I have been into horror stories since I could remember (my fave movie as a wee one was THE SHINING, I was watching Night of the Living Dead like most girls watched Jem & The Holograms, not to give my age away) that said, I ADORE Vampires (looong b4 they sparkled- dammit all to hell) & I am saying it here & now & u heard it here first, 2011-2013 is the year(s) of the ZOMBIE! They will catch on slowly but speed up in popularity especially since ZOMBIELAND 2 is due out soon. I got this because it was FREE & was a ZOMBIE story that was highly ranked. Now, I read it. I thought overall it was a good, solid tale. It was DEF NOT "scary". Like another mentioned it seemed more of a "now you're a zombie heres what u do" type book. The characters were well thought out & each had a personal charisma all their own. I enjoyed our Zombie. He was not a mentally challenged, falling to pieces, rotting corpse only interested in munchin brains. It DID drag in a few areas & I did put it down to read another zombie tale (also free on this site) that was more of a scary tale. BUT I liked this because it was almost like a normal guy re learning life that had a stroke or woke up from a coma. But was a zombie. It was original & creative & fresh.
  • The Second Wave: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale on July 16, 2012

    Where is the rest of this awesome story? I hope there is more. My name is Fran so it was cool to see a Fran in a story about zombies. I was quickly drawn into this tale. It was engaging and full of excitement. I became invested in Fran and Sean in the short amount of time the author allowed.