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P. K. Vandcast: History Enthusiast, Old West Aficionado, Author of Western Fiction

P. K. was born in El Paso, Texas, the son of a rodeo clown. His mother passed away when P. K. was four and he grew up following the rodeo circuit wherever his father could get work. Raised around ropers, bull riders, and broncobusters, P. K. learned to love the tales of the Old West— tales tall, small, true, and blue.

After several years spent overseas in the military, Van now leads a simple life among friends and family, wherever that may lead him; with lengthier stays in southern California, southeast Arizona, north-central Alabama, and northern Florida.

A world traveler and natural storyteller, Van writes thrillers to entertain, most certainly; but more than that, he desires to write to employ the mind and provoke the soul. "By whatever mask the story is formed, comic or tragic," says Vandcast, "I hope my readers come away from the last page encouraged or challenged. For although the stories I write are fiction, who hasn't felt trapped; or faced incredible odds; or needed to make an important decision? My books are mere episodes of the stories of life in all of us."

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Twistical Tales
Welcome to Bisbee, Arizona: where your dreams become nightmares and your nightmares become realities. TWISTICAL - adjective; Crooked, devious, tortuous, hence perverse, unfair, dishonest. Used in the 19th century, meaning tortuous, unfair, or not quite moral. [WARNING: This book contains graphic violence and adult language and situations not suitable for children.]


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