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  • Whatever It Takes on June 11, 2012

    The third installment of Lindsay Paige's Bold As Love series continues the story of Jake and Emily. Sure they love each other, but is love enough to keep you together through all the ups and downs of life? What poses more of a threat the grind of learning to live busy lives together, or the unexpected crisis from outside that always strike you? This book is a little more polished, a little more confident than I have seen before from Ms. Paige. I think she is also settling into what is going to be her definitive writing style. Less a long chronological narrative, and more a series of small defining vignettes. Almost as if one is looking at a scrapbook of the emotional high and low points of a relationship. I find it stylistically interesting and even compelling. It makes for quick pleasurable reading. It also seems to quickly get at the heart of your main characters. you see them at their best and worst moments, and truly are those not the moments that define us? I will buy the upcoming 4th installment of this series when it comes out without a doubt. I am even more excited to see she is working on another book, not a part of this series. That too I will buy as soon as it is available. I think working both the series and other works will help her continue the visible growth she is making. I feel as if I am watching a future superstar getting ready to burst forth and take the world by storm
  • Falling (Bits and Pieces, Book 1) on March 07, 2013

    A wonderful, moving, beautiful book. I got this for 99 cents, and it is easily the best 99 cent book I have ever gotten. It was so good upon finishing I instantly looked the follow up book and so I could start reading it. Alas not yet out here on Smashwords. The author paints a rich and believable tapestry in which fully rounded characters are drawn with such detail you feel you actually know them. Some you will love, others you will loath, most have some of each in them. I'll not tell what the book is about to save spoilers because the happenings in this book are so real, and so well played out I'm afraid I'd give to much away and lessen the enjoyment of others. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I felt every emotion in this book. I found it amazing. I give it my highest recommendation. Now, I await the second book in the series with great anticipation!