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Smashwords book reviews by V M

  • Dirty Little Angels on Dec. 03, 2010

    I was able to read Dirty Little Angels via a Library Thing giveaway. At first glance I though the book would be poorly written, dime a dozen story filled with clichés. But after the first few chapters, I was pleasantly surprised at seeing myself enjoying and getting into the story and the characters. I could not put it down once I was a quarter of the way through. This novel is definitely not for everyone with its brutally honest portrayal of inner city life in New Orleans. The characters took awhile to develop for me, but Chris Tusa handled his character development very well. And I still can’t believe that a grown man such as him could have a teenaged girl be a first person narrator and pull it off so well. Since I used to be a sixteen year old girl, I believe that he did an exceptional job with the character of Hailey. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dirty Little Angels, and I hope Mr. Tusa can deliver an even better work in the future.
  • Marked, Soul Guardians Book 1 on Aug. 13, 2011

    This is a quick and entertaining paranormal romp for the YA crowd. Monkeys in the afterlife? I was rather tickled by the primates.