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Vanna Smythe is the author of the Anniversary of the Veil fantasy trilogy. She has been writing creatively since her early teens, though one could say her creative writing efforts started long before that. While still in kindergarten, she once tore up a library book to make alphabet soup, and has been fascinated with what words can do, the pictures and worlds they can create, ever since.

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Bob Craton
Latest book: Promised Land.
Published January 23, 2017.

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  • Journey To Light: Part I of the High Duties of Pacia on Dec. 02, 2012

    A Very Entertaining Read I'm a big fan of stories told from multiple points of view, so this book is exactly they type of book I love to read. All the voices of the main characters are well diversified and easy to distinguish between. Another thing I really enjoyed was the descriptions and set up of the world. It was very vivid and I could clearly picture the scenes in my mind, which to me is a sign of a great book! The plot of this novel is complicated and multilayered, and is not yet resolved by the end of this story. But that's to be expected, as this is only the first part of a longer series. I can't wait to start reading book 2 to see how the story continues. I don't want to reveal the storyline for fear of spoilers, but I loved both the main protagonists, Holden and Grace. They really came alive on the page, and I kind of miss them now that I'm done with the book. Overall, I highly recommend this book. It is well-written, well-edited and very entertaining. And at its current price you can't go wrong!
  • Return of the High Protector: Part II of The High Duties of Pacia on Feb. 02, 2013

    I read the first part of this series late last year, and picked up the second book as soon as I had some free time. It was great to spend time with Gracie and Holder, and the rest again. All I can say is: "Awesome!" The first book does a great job of laying the scene, and this book, the sequel, is much more fast paced. I enjoyed learning how all the different point of view characters (all of whom are extremely well characterized, and really come off the page and seem like real people) come together to pursue the common goal. I won't give that away, since I hate spoilers. Apart from the great characterization and the complicated plot, which will keep you guessing and make it hard to put the book down, the fantasy world Bob Craton created is vividly and beautifully rendered. I could really picture all the scenes, places, … which to me is very important. None of the descriptions drag either, which is equally important. I was very impressed by the author's ability to find that perfect balance when describing something and not overdoing it. In conclusion, let me just say that Part 2 of The High Duties of Pacia series kept me reading well past my reasonable bedtime, but it was all worth it! The second book in a trilogy is usually not as enjoyable to read as the first and third, which is not the case with this book at all. If anything, this book is even more action-packed and more tightly written than Book 1. This is, however, not a fantasy series that you can read out of order. As for me, I'm getting the final book now, since I can't wait to learn how the story ends.
  • And the Young Shall Lead You Home: Part III of The High Duties of Pacia on June 03, 2013

    I took a bit of a break before I read this final installment in Bob Craton's The High Duties of Pacia Trilogy, but I had absolutely no problem getting back into the story. The author does a good job of reminding the reader of past events, so that at no point did I have to stop and think back on the background of a particular development. Since this is the conclusion of the story started in part 1 of the trilogy, I really don't want to give away any spoilers. Let me just say the the ending was incredibly satisfying and brought together all the different threads of this multi-point-of-view story. The characters all exhibited logical and satisfying change and growth, and right now I feel as though I really got to know some new people, not just fictional characters. As I've said in my reviews of the previous books in the trilogy, the world is impeccably constructed and very well described. I did not have a single instance of being taken out of the story because of over-description, or too little of it. All in all, I would highly recommend this trilogy to all fans of the epic fantasy genre. And due to the way this story is laid out and presented, I'm sure that even those new to reading fantasy will find this a very enjoyable tale.