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Rick Van Ness is a very successful private investor who has been a student of financial planning and investing for over 25 years. He was trained as an electronics engineer at Cornell University and practiced engineering for many years at Hewlett Packard Company. Rick has also started three businesses and coaches entrepreneurs in the Puget Sound area.

He also has earned an MBA in Finance from New York University. His background in engineering and business provides him with the excellent basis for understanding and teaching investments and financial planning.

Rick has been investing in common stocks and mutual funds since 1980. He has also personally invested in 401(K), traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and SARSEP plans, so he is familiar with participation and management of these types of investments. He has been investing in indexed common stock mutual funds since 1990.

Rick is currently launching his second career providing financial education. He doesn’t give advice, but rather provides unbiased education. Rick helps students understand the teachings of the most widely respected economists and financial planners. Students learn that investing smart is simple (not easy) and create their own roadmap to take charge of their own finances and then strive for financial independence on their path to achieving a rich and fulfilling life. He is President of GrowthConnection LLC.

Important: neither Rick Van Ness nor GrowthConnection LLC sells any type of investments or insurance, and do not provide individual investment advice. He educates you without self-interest (other than the joy he always gets from hearing from readers).

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Ten Rules for Financing Life—Introduction to Common Sense Investing
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