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Danielle Blanchard Benson is a world traveler and a university student earning her degree in Creative Writing with a Minor in Specialized Languages (French). She has written The Beautiful People series, which will be released in eight separate volumes.

Ms. Blanchard Benson is currently working on The Vamp Saga (Death Wish: Book One will be released in January of 2012), Murder, Inc: The Pop Stars series (which will be released beginning in autumn of 2012), and a full-length novel, DeGeneration (which will be released in winter of 2013).

Ms. Blanchard Benson has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Smashwords book reviews by Danielle Blanchard Benson

  • Marked: City of the Damned Book 1 on July 29, 2011

    This was a well written story I enjoyed very much. Sara moves from Montana after the tragic death of her parents to New York City to be closer to her only surviving relatives. Although we don't meet her aunt and uncle in this story, we do meet Pryse and Gedeon. I won't say anything else as one needs to find out for themselves about these characters. This is easily a 5 star book but I had to remove one star for editing and formatting (both need to be revised a bit more).
  • Hellfire: City of the Damned Book 2 on July 30, 2011

    I expected a bit more action (a la the first novelette) but this book was more of an erotic short with a thin veneer of a vampire story. It is not that I don't enjoy sex as much as the next person, I just thought we would learn a little bit more about Gedeon and Sara, and less about how their love life was doing. These are very interesting characters and I hated to see them reduced to nothing but a porn plot and little else.
  • Unforeseen: City of the Damned Book 3 on July 30, 2011

    This is a much needed turn from the second novelette. The only downside is it ends much too abruptly and although we know there will be a fourth novelette, I felt cheated somehow. I wanted to know a bit more. I still feel like there is so much to know about these characters (Sara and Gedeon especially) that hasn't been explored yet. I hope we learn more about them as people. The sex was also steamy and flowed perfectly with the plot.
  • Aaren on May 17, 2012

    Aaren is the story of a successful businesswoman who must come back to her small, Kentucky hometown to bury her father after he's died. What we don't know, we learn in flashbacks, including Aaren had a man, Jarrod, her first love, who still resides there and who she wants nothing to do with due to their awful demise over fourteen years ago. I can understand how Aaren would be confused as she's just lost her remaining parent, but I can't understand how she takes everything to such an extreme when it comes to Jarrod. She treats the man like utter crap and won't hear anything he has to say to her and such bullheadedness makes me annoyed. Then there was the whole "let's be PC and advocate condom usage". First of all, the people who read these novels should be adults and if said adults don't know they should practice safe sex, even with the "loves of their lives" then this book isn't going to set them straight. I don't know, I am being a bit petty but there are two occasions my pettiness comes out: when a novel tries to get all preachy and sanctimonious, and when a romance novel tries to advocate safe sex. It is FICTION, a fantasy for Pete's sake, we don't need "he grabbed a condom" thrown in before every love scene is consummated. Other than that, I love this author and think her books are fantastic but the whole "town secret" is anti-climatic to be honest (both my parents hail from Mississippi so this little itty bitty town secret included is nothing to some of the secrets I can tell about my own family) and throwing in the hubby to conjure up yet more drama towards the end was waste of time, space and the book could have ended about twenty pages earlier than it did instead of being dragged on for nothing at all.