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Mike Gnatkowski has worn a lot of different hats during his years in the out-of-doors. He has been an outdoor writer, photographer and book author for more than thirty years. His award-winning images and articles have been honored by the Michigan Outdoor Writers Association as some of the best in the field. He has published hundreds of articles and images in publications such as Colorado Outdoors, Wyoming Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, Wildfowl, Game & Fish Publications and many others. His first book, Wild Game Simple, which contains more than 140 recipes for wild game and fish, is highlighted with personal antidotes that make it more than just a cookbook. Mike continues to contribute to an array of outdoor publications as a freelance writer and photographer and is hard at work on his next two books.

Mike's newest endeavor is called Lens To The Heavens. It’s been said that God works in mysterious ways. But sometimes chance happenings are not nearly so mysterious or random as one might think. They happen for a very specific reason.

I was in pre-op waiting to have a procedure done some time ago. As I lay there in the bed, I couldn’t help but noticed the images on the fluorescent lights above. Of course, that was the whole idea. The images were of flowers, clouds and rainbows and they were designed to take the patient’s mind off the procedure they are going to have done. They were nice, but not great. Instantly, I smiled and thought, “God, you put me here for a reason didn’t you?”

Having been an outdoor writer and photographer for nearly four decades, the light bulb turned on. Seeing the images on the fluorescent lights, I immediately thought of the literally thousands of stunning, eye-catching and striking images that I had in my portfolio of 28,000 plus images. And so Lens To The Heavens™ was born.

Lens To The Heavens™ are original, distinctive images taken by award-winning writer/photographer Mike Gnatkowski. They are not generic, run-of-the mill images that you can get off the Internet that some companies produce. Lens To The Heaven™ images are one-of-kind, unique, stunning works of art that will brighten any environment.

The images are printed on transparent back-lit film and are designed to be placed on the inside of the acrylic diffusion lens on ordinary fluorescent lights that can be found in hospitals, offices, basements, schools, libraries, man caves and other places where fluorescent lighting is used.

Numerous studies prove that back-lit images like these sooth, calm, lessen anxiety, increase productivity of employees, and promote positive physiological, psychological and healing effects on people and their mood. Who wouldn’t rather be looking at a striking scene rather than a glaring fluorescent light while confined to a dentist’s chair or work cubical? Or be looking at a brilliant panorama of mountains instead of the inside of an MRI machine? Everyone would rather be enjoying beautiful, relaxing, cheerful images rather than glaring lights while waiting and waiting to see the doctor. Lens To The Heavens™ images are the coup de grace for your personal man cave.

Lens To The Heavens™ images are easy to install. Simply pull the tabs down to unlock the light frame, gently lower the frame, place the Lens To The Heavens™ image on the light lens with the art work facing down, straighten the image so it lays flat on the lens diffuser, raise the frame and lock the tabs. Then simply enjoy your Lens To The Heavens™ image. Lens To The Heavens™ images also make for stunning, unique window treatments.

We welcome the opportunity to talk about how Lens To The Heavens™ images can enhance your workplace or home. Lens To The Heavens™ images can be configured to fit standard 2- x 4-foot and 1- x 4-foot fluorescent light lens. You pick the images. The portfolio includes scenics, clouds, wildlife, horses, recreation, fish, big game and much much more.

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Wild Game Simple
Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 47,950. Language: English. Published: February 21, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » Specific Ingredients / Game
The recipes in Wild Game Simple are intended to be simple, something the average Joe can make in his or her own kitchen with the ingredients that are on hand. Wild Game Simple has seven different sections including soups, chowders and chilies and hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. Includes a wine list with each section and suggestions for 140 different entrees.

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