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Warren R. Smith was born a wrinkled baby. Subsequently, he grew up in the heart of Texas. He enjoys learning new things and travel. Still, he likes just hanging out and eating from a bag of fried okra if there's any in the neighborhood to be had.
This is his first collection of flash fiction and short stories. You can follow his continual progress on the next volume at http://www.mylittletheory.com

Smashwords Interview

What is your e-reading device of choice?
Uh oh. Readers are going to suspect product placement if you come right out with a consumer questionnaire.

It's fine. I'm glad to share. I enjoy my nook glo-light. It is an e-ink device with excellent battery life and readability. At six ounces it is the lightest collection of one thousand books I ever fit into my back pocket. Before, I hated carrying around one thousand paperbacks.

However for general communications and reading I use an android nook. I value an "open" device that lets me read from multiple sources; Barnes & Noble, Kindle, indie books here at Smashwords, Project Gutenberg and some "open" sources. I use a couple of different reading apps, whichever suits my purpose best at the moment. Having choice is great.

By "open," I mean sources of ebooks obtained outside of restrictive retail channels. If a friend wants to beta read an ebook they've written, pre-published, I need an app of my choosing that will let me read that ebook. Maybe the term "open" is not quite what I mean, but it's close enough.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I am still new to buying ebooks. Shopping for printed books always meant going to the 2nd hand bookstores, one-half searching, and one-half browsing. I have a love for the element of chance when it comes to my diet of intellect.

I have my favorite authors, whom I still follow. Many of them I first met, walking by a shelf and seeing a title or book cover that interested me. Maybe I pulled the book down and read a few paragraphs. Maybe I recalled hearing something about that author or title somewhere previous. Nevertheless, I found my moment of discovery in a few words from the book reaching me right there and then.

If a friend suggests I read so-and-so author it may still be years before I "stumble" upon that author's work. A reasonably run used bookstore functions as a sort of natural filter. It helps my chance encounter become easier, safer. Pulling one down and holding it, I am comforted, not only has someone chosen that very book before but the discerning store owner has put it up among the most likely to sell the 2nd time around.

Were you ever handed a book, its pages held together with rubber bands? What a fun way to get introduced to a new author? I am not sure how my kind of shopping will morph in the digital age. But for​ luckily finding my next new favorite author in ebooks? It only makes sense to start browsing free stuff.
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