William Rutherford


I found out later in life that I was dyslectic. I married late in life to a librarian. She reads two to three books a week and is fantastic at editing. She did not edit this, sorry! Ha!
I am an inventive artist. I make custom hair replacements for men and women. 100% human hair, hand tied one hair at a time. This produces the most natural looking hair piece in the world today. I hold top honors in that field and have demonstrated my talents in thirty two states on stage to state licensed hair stylists. I have written before this novel. I was being paid to write short stories for a outdoor magazine in Indiana.
As part of my job I needed to tell if my clients where happy with the way I made them look. I would tell my clients stories pertaining to my life's experiences. I could read peoples faces well, Every time I told the story I could check out the reaction to the story. Then I perfected the stories from one client to the next. I was told many times that I was a great story teller. One day a client offered me $20,000 to write a novel on a life experience that I had. Every time he would come in I would have a new story for him, in short story form. One story picking up where the other left off. I would see each client every four weeks, so plenty happened in those four weeks to tell them something new that had happened in the prior month. I was told that they looked forward to getting their hair fixed, but they also looked foreword to hearing another story of what happened the prior four weeks.

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Murder thy Neighbor
A contemporary fact based novel that at times is extremely humorous in some chapters and dead serious in other chapters. The novel is a vignette, a series of twenty four short stories that reads easily, one chapter folding into the next. Keeping the readers, interest captured while building up to a situation that should leave you a gasp.


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