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Adi Zohar, born in 1962, served as an officer in the IDF for 21 years and reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Mr. Zohar holds a BA in economics, sociology and political science and a Masters in industrial engineering and management. He studied management of schools and for the past decade has been involved in managing high schools and also has been travelling extensively in Israel and abroad. He is the father of three. Recently Mr. Zohar has been spending his time learning through the Internet.
"Deep in Holy land Ground" is Adi Zohar's second book. The first, "God, it's not like it used to be", was written when he was 18 years old and published in 1984. That book dealt with faith, prophesized among other things, the development of technology and computers, especially in the field of communication, the revolution of the world controlled by one huge super-power, and the fundamentalist Islamic uprising within that super-power.

Selections from Adi Zohar's first book that deals with prophesy
In 1984, when Mr Zohar was 22 years old, a book written by him four years previously was published by "Saar" under the name "God, it's not like it used to be – a survival guide for the 21st century". The book contains a chapter called "The Sequel" which mentions such prophesies as:
P.66 "Communication will be developed in giant steps and will greatly influence all of our lives." "Communication will influence the level of our involvement in all incidents occurring on our planet."
"…one of the most important factors influencing our lives."
p.67 "We're still progressing in the age of communication. There is still room for improvement as to technology." "As we continue to improve communication, involvement of the individuals in society grows."
P.73 "People all over the globe will be able to talk to each other and see each other almost effortlessly. Communications centers will receive data from all over the world and be able to broadcast it to any of their subscribers. For example: Business people will be able to obtain information to stock exchanges worldwide."
P.74 "Think of the financial aspect: every change, even the most miniscule, will cause an immediate chain reaction all over the globe."
Two years after the book was published, in 1986, the "Pelephone" Company was established. "Cellcom" followed in 1994, the two major cellular companies in Israel. The Internet appeared in 1991, infrastructure for cable television in Israel started in 1990. Black Monday in 1987 shows the crash of the world stock exchange. Facebook and other social networks accelerate the Revolutions, social protests and Arab Spring are relatively new phenomena.
P.68 "'s best friend: the computer. The world of computers is growing and developing at an enormous rate and with giant steps." "The computer industry has accumulated a massive momentum and can't be stopped." "There is no doubt that the computer planners, computer programmers, and the computer engineers are those who will determine our life styles in the future."
During the year of publication, 1984, the most up to date computer was the XT5169, with a CGA screen in green, white, purple and black, there were large diskettes. 'Apple' distributed their first Macintosh that year with its unique mouse and graphic interface.
Identity Crisis
p.70 "Missionaries are the most dominant groups in our times, from the different Islamic Khomeini groups, through to Jewish repentant groups and other religious groups that keep popping up." "This identity crisis is one of the strongest obstacles to rapid development and progress of the society we live in. this is a phenomenon that may prove fatal…."
One year after publication, in 1985, the organization known as Hizballah arose. Hamas came into being in 1987, and El Kaida, the Suni Islamic international terrorist organization, in 1988. In 2001, the latter organization caused the Twin Towers catastrophe.
Religion and State
p.79 "The concentration of information in a central computer system will enable control; active control by a central body…that central body will rule the entire world…the controlling power will be more concentrated…it will comprise the entire world…it will rule the entire world."
P.80 "The world will have two principle ruling forces: government, a world ruler on the one hand – and religion, on the other hand."
Five years after the appearance of the book, in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. In 1991, the Soviet Union disassembled. Since then the United States has been the only super-power ruling the world. In 1991 the United States deployed to Iraq, in 2003 the allies joined the American military in Iraq following the El Kaeida attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. This time NATO cooperated in Afghanistan. The countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and later Syria and Iran were labeled by the United States as "powers of evil" of the fundamentalist Muslim group.


Deep In Holy Land Ground
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 67,570. Language: English. Published: December 4, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Travel, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Come with me on a journey that starts "deep in holy land ground" and continues in the stars ... The book includes dozens of links to you tube and hundreds of unique images of the Holy Land. A big secret that was kept until now will discover to the readers. When young archeologists make discoveries in 2005 in the depths of the Holy Land, great interest arises in the international community.

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