Smashwords book reviews by Bex

  • Tender Mercies on May 11, 2011

    As soon as I got this book downloaded on my Kindle, I had to pick it up right away. It didn't matter that I was already busy with another book--I had been looking forward to it for too long not to read it straight away! Even though it was school the day after, I ended up reading non-stop until 4am! That's how long it took for me to even realise that the time hadn't stopped while this book had me hooked on every word! I haven't been disappointed in any of Thomas' novels so far. I love her way of writing! Not only is it well-written, but the psychology really has your head spinning with the same thoughts and feelings that the characters have. I'm so drawn into these stories that it's almost impossible to let them go, even after I've finished them. And even then it's hard without getting to rave about them for a while! I'm very glad I actually managed to find a real life friend who loved Thomas' books just as much as I do. Like I've said earlier, this book is extremely psychological and focuses on real S/M relationships and the bonds needed to make these relationships work. Thomas' takes it to the extreme and explore real captivity, trust and traumas. Tender Mercies even takes place on a secret island where a real secret S/M society is set up. No laws are there to keep the relationships to work, but neither are there any laws to fall back on when you sign your rights away. Compared to her other books, in TM our heroine seeks this lifestyle herself without being thrown into it, and ends up in a horror scenario. What this manages to show really well, is the contrast between a real S/M relationship and this horror one. I really liked how the trust and bond between the slave and master become so much more noticeable; the masters are not just bosses over these women, they are also protectors. The relationship isn't one-sided, it goes both ways--just like all other relationships do in order to work. This book is brilliant; mixing the wonders of how psychologically frustrating it can be to combine the body's wishes with the minds. I loved how you could notice the bonding progress and I love how Thomas' takes this fetish and go as deep as she does. It's twisting and turning and you are lost in inner struggles as well as outer ones. We get to see how it is to give it all up to someone else, which I'm sure would be extremely hard in our society with the rights we grow up with being taught we will always have. This is nothing playful, this is the real deal. Yet, when the struggles with the mind are fading, it's when our heroine can be truly happy and free. I love Thomas' novels and I'm sure I won't stop. I loved Grace and Asher's story and would gladly have gotten to know more about their future! It warms my heart to see them finally getting what they've been looking for. Now I'll instead be (im)patiently waiting for more amazing stories, that I desperately hope will come! She is the best Erotica author I've read so far, without a doubt. I would take a careful look at the disclaimer while considering it though, since it's definitely not for everyone. However, those itis for will have a truly twisting journey to follow!
  • I Eat Butterflies: Tales of Vampires, Mages & Mutants on Jan. 16, 2012

    I have to say that I was really surprised by how much I ended up liking this book! Yes, it did sound good, but at the same time I was afraid it wouldn’t be something for me. I love sexy, dark fantasy stories sure, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Science-Fiction. But since there was more than one story to go on, I decided I’d give it a try, and I’m definitely not disappointed! Something I can say for all of these stories is that I found them both well-written and in a writing style I loved. Sometimes it’s hard getting into new styles of writing, especially with shorter stories, but I had no problem at all. Rather, I was thrown into the first story right away! No complaints there. The second one was a bit harder to get into, but I quickly got back on track and the third one didn’t give me a chance to slow down at all; the first sentences were just too teasing for me not to find out what was happening! Sadly, in my opinion, all of these stories definitely could have been more developed; it’s almost like each of them could have needed their own book. Especially the third one—there was just too much scientific information for such a short story. Oh, and if you don’t like those BOM endings when you’re left in shock? Perhaps the last story isn’t for you either. I was in serious shock after reading that ending; I turned the page and it actually took a few seconds before I realized it was actually over. If we’ll overlook the pace of the story (and amount of information) I loved them all! Seriously. They were unique and very well thought out and I admire the author for having such an amazing imagination. And they certainly were darker stories, especially The Brides of Dracula and Velocity Syndrome. I loved the take on Dracula’s Brides and all of the twists and turns in that stories; a lot of side characters, all being connected in the end. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard about any take on Dracula similar to that one before! But the same goes for Merlin’s Knot and Velocity Syndrome as well. Merlin’s Knot was a favourite because of the magic (which I adore) and I absolutely loved Phreak. He was probably my favourite character together with his children! And Velocity Syndrome… Well, I’m not sure what to say really. A dark action story with a frustrating ending! But definitely not easy to forget about; it’s probably the one I remember the most actually. I Eat Butterflies definitely include some sexy and darker stories and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it if it sounds like something for you! It gives you what it promises, no doubt about it. I will have to check out more books from this author.
  • Frost on Aug. 13, 2012

    While Frost sadly didn’t manage to blow me away as I’d hoped, it was a very enjoyable read; introducing me to a world that caught my interest within seconds! It turned out to be nothing like I expected, but that’s definitely not a bad thing in this case, and I admit I’m definitely more than a little curious about the sequel. As soon as I first saw on Frost, I knew I had to read it! Not only is the cover absolutely gorgeous, but it sounded like a great, unique read as well. After having read it, I’m definitely impressed by the unique storyline and its mystical feel, but at the same time something was missing for me to make it truly great. Perhaps it was the pacing that one moment felt a bit dragging, while a bit speeded the next, or just the fact that it took a bit too long before something really started to happen… I can’t really put my finger on it. Overall though, Frost was really enjoyable and I became truly fascinated by the (kind of frightening) world they live in! The Watchers were more than a little creepy and I’m extremely intrigued to find out more about them and what their purpose is—something I definitely hope will be revealed as the series continue! The Farthers were also quite awful (at least the very nice soldiers), and even though we didn’t get to actually meet them for too long, it was more than enough… Other than enjoying the fascinating world, I really came to care for the characters as well! Lia was one of those heroines with an inner strength that I love and truly admire; she sticks up for what’s right no matter what and together with her siblings, she really makes a warm and welcoming family I felt right at home in. I adored them both! Then we also have Gabe of course; the boy who stole my heart as well. *sigh* He was such a lovable boy. I truly hope we get to continue see them together! As for the rest of the characters we’re introduced to however, I’m still not sure who to trust and there’s still some things going on that are giving me weird vibes… I guess time will tell! If you think Frost sounds interesting, I would definitely recommend giving it a try! Even if it didn’t blow me away as hoped, I really enjoyed it. It might not be a hardcore action book, but it had a mystical, as well as historical, feel to it that I loved and I can’t wait to discover more about this world’s many secrets.