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  • Our Universal Journey on July 02, 2012
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    This book should be required reading for anyone who considers themselves to be a LightWorker. I have seen a number of George's videos, and this book suddenly makes clear, various things that kind of went over my head before. He has done an excellent job in explaining his understanding of the working of the Multiverse and reality that we exist in. Be prepared to be knocked out of your socks. If you were starting to feel comfortable, thinking you know the Truth, this book will give you a kick in the guts. It will make you question this reality like you never have before. Reading this book has forced me to turn inward once again. I thought I was fully trusting and giving myself to my Higher Self, but another illusion on top of the other illusions, was still holding on to me. This book has awoken me to that truth. Like the movie "The Matrix", George has given me exactly what I needed. I don't know if I can buy into everything that he says, but most of it rings true for me. He has pushed me enough, that I must now turn to my Higher Self for further validation. The kick in the guts knocked me down into another void. My LightWorker training has at least allowed my to quickly start building a new foundation onto the real Higher Me. Just when you think you are getting to the top of the hill, you discover another deep valley ahead and a larger mountain beyond that. The journey continues. Thanks George. I love you. Reg