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I enjoyed writing the Zombie Spring Series, although I found the experience very difficult. For a guy like myself, 400,000 words is probably more words than I speak in several years, and maybe that’s why these books took three years to finish. I guess I can’t write any faster than I speak!

Why did I write a Zombie series?

I wrote a Zombie book as my first because they make a great enemy and they're just plain scary. Most of the Undead books I have read were great, right up until the ending! Why is that? Because many authors tend to kill off all of their loveable characters in horrible ways. So I wrote this series with a different intent. Most of my heroes and heroines survive, and you readers out there will feel more like laughing and cheering at the end than taking a cup of hemlock at bedtime. My main characters are wholesome types that people can look up to. Foul language and characters with emotional baggage must find homes in other people's books. Dogs are not allowed to die. (LOL)

But why did I feel the need to write at all?

The reason is, the characters in my books are all family members. It's my way of leaving my children and grand children an heirloom that they will want to read now and through the years. I call my books Heirloom Books, and some day after I'm long gone, I expect my great great grandchildren to ask their dads and moms, "Did you and great great grandpa and grandma really fight Zombies?"

How cool is that?

The other reason I chose to write was that I wanted to bring a little joy into people's lives. I firmly believe that if a person can do something that brings some cheer into the lives of other people, then he should. We're only here for so long, and it's nice to give back to all the people that have had to put up with us for all these years.

The series, after Zombie Spring's Roland Thomas Type IV, will probably not continue. The reviews over at Amazon have been very good, and I love the fan mail, but a number of factors may send me into early retirement. First, I will be a grandfather for the second time, this March 2014. My family and the new little ones need me more than I could ever imagine. Only grandpa can change the diapers it seems, and it's hard to write between changings! Secondly, writing is not a very healthy hobby unless you can force yourself to leave the keyboard now and then to exercise and eat properly. I didn't, and I was rewarded with a small stroke. So my doctor and I view authoring with a small amount of trepidation now. Better I should be fixated on golf than typing, although far more dangerous for other golfers. Lastly, I really need to learn to type with more than two fingers.

My hobbies are golf, historical fiction, westerns, shooting, opera, first person computer games, baseball card collecting, riding motorcycles, and I played ball for 20 years. My favorite authors are: Zane Grey, Louis L’Anour, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Doc EE Smith, Bernard Cornwell, and Sam Barone. My favorite saying: A teacher is like a candle, consuming himself to light the way for others (straight from Leave it to Beaver). I retired as a 4th grade teacher, by the way.

I reply to all email and am thankful for reviews... good ones that is. My email address is:

Smashwords Interview

What are Heirloom Books?
Heirloom Books are words I cooked up to describe books written with family members playing the key roles. I'm a grandpa, and I don't want to leave my kids and grand kids a bunch of junk that has to be dusted and placed behind glass. How much nicer it is for them to pick up my Zombie books every so often and read about their adventures during the Zombie Wars. Not only that, these books will transcend my kids and grand kids for generations and make them and my wife and myself immortal. I love the thought that some day, a wide-eyed great grandchild might ask with awe, "Did great grandpa and great grandma really fight Zombies?"
Were you really a captain?
No, I am a Captain in the story though, and since I am in the book telling the story and acting a part, I figured my author name should reflect my rank: Captain Chris Okusako.
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