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Smashwords book reviews by vicky jepson

  • Scapemaker on Feb. 11, 2013

    I downloaded this book because Im a big fan of dreams and dream interpretation so exploring the dream world was something I was looking forward to. The book is crammed full of lots of different characters with many different abilities and is quite fast paced once it gets going - all of this keeps things interesting and it is easy to read. I would say it is probably aimed at a younger audience - round about the teenage mark I reckon so I found it a little too young for me. It was sometimes a little difficult to keep track of what was happening and of all the different characters' abilities, but that is much better than a book that is too simple and boring. I sometimes felt that the characters made decisions I wouldn't have expected them to make or that their abilities were adapted just to wrap up certain events quickly. The idea for the story line is really good and the end of the book leads nicely onto the opportunity for a second book. I think if was 13 or 14 this would be a 4 star book for me.