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  • The Bone Trail on May 09, 2011
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    The story line of this e-book is compelling and that is its greatest strength. Set in Nevada, the story begins with the unexplained disappearance of two wild horse advocates who seem to be pursuing some troubling management issues of the wild horses. A top reporter is called in to investigate, and as she and a Native American horse man try to uncover the mystery, they become targets of unsavory characters. Woven throughout the tale is the strange, ghostlike grey horse who seems to guide and lead with an other-wordly quality. Native American culture and traditions are also laced throughout the book. The plot, though somewhat unbelievable, was interesting, and I did want to find out what happened in the end. However, despite a few paragraphs of excellent writing, overall the author's style and cliche writing, littered with adverbs that tell not show us how to feel detract from my overall impression of the book. Some very basic problems are evident form the get-go. The type is mixed, there are numerous typos, the dialogue is often preachy and unrealistic, and the time frame of major events happening, such as people falling in love with the person they waited their whole life for in a paragraph.....just doesn't ring true. Similarly, a horse that is impossible to heal is suddenly healed in the next page. Meanwhile, the author gives us voyeuristic, excruciating detail in love scenes which I would much rather do without. In a similar vein, some rather dubious morals really disturb me. The author describes how our heroine first lost her virginity to a married man with 3 kids.... and when he leaves her, the author tells us he had given her the gift of self respect. Really? Having an affair with a married man with 3 dependents makes someone fell anything but self loathing? This book could have potential but it needs many more months of thoughtful editing and even then, I am not certain the quality of writing would approach the standard of books I would be tempted to read.