Viki Nikolaeva

Smashwords book reviews by Viki Nikolaeva

  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on Nov. 25, 2011

    When I first downloaded this book...from here I was thinking. "This will going to be a book to pass free time. Nothing interesting. " But now after I've read it I must say this this book was amazing. Very interesting and surely I would love to read and re-read it many times. So several character caught my attention. First was Kane. The new Alpha who claimed his mate - Elise, daughter of another Alpha. Elise - a fine young woman with spirited heart. She is my favorite woman among the females. Later the author introduced us Marla. From the first moment when she showed her attitude toward Elise I knew that she must have something for Kane or she wouldn't be acting as a; sorry for the language but I can' say it any other way; bitch. She always gave Elise a hard time and tried everything to make Kane dump Elise and goes to her. I really hated Marla. But then when Kane asked Elise to try and befriend her...something was off. Rose appeared. Well she appeared early in the book. I liked her. A very nice matter she was an Omega. What happened in the end I didn't expect. Marla and Rose working together to kill Elise? I didn't expect to see Rose into this..she was so nice..and when she died falling onto the ravine? Well I was sad. I was pleased to learn that Kane's brother was innocent after all. I was disappointed only for one thing. I really expected Elise to conceive, get pregnant from Kane. The world Nicky Charles created is amazing. And if I loved shape-shifters and werewolves I adore the, will love them forever. And this is thanks to the amazing world Nicky Charles created.