Victoria Paige


Victoria Paige lives in Richmond, Va with her husband. When she received an E-reader in 2012, her love for reading came roaring back. Her reading addiction occurred at the most impeccable time. She used to be a database administrator before trying her hand out in pastry, but after burning out in the baking business as well, she had retreated to her books and that was when she discovered that there was yet another field to cultivate—that was to write her own book. She likes to believe her writing voice is unique and engaging and that smart mouth she had developed growing up with three older brothers has paid off when she writes her characters’ compelling and sometimes irreverent dialogue. Although she loves to read all kinds of romances ranging from contemporary, erotica, paranormal to new adult—alpha male characters only please — she finds she cannot write everyday romances dealing with everyday life and the mundane. She loves high-octane action movies and is a big fan of the series ’24’ and so is born hybrid novels of action and romance/erotica.

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