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  • In the Winds of Danger on Sep. 17, 2014

    The fantasy story felt so realistic- to actually live with winged horses. All the characters had a well-developed personality with a hint of mystery and secrets connected to the past. I loved the past, present, and future connection in characters’ mind, behavior, story, background. All well-laid and realistic. Each character and horse has a story to tell. Never bored, read it in one take. Interesting, colorful, and delicious. Each book in the series can be read separately and enjoyed as stand-alone stories. *The book was received for a review. My review was written solemnly on my opinion. Thank you, Linda Ulleseit. It was a great read. Definitely recommended for libraries and personal read.
  • Fateful Waters: Troubles in Love-Land Book One on Feb. 17, 2016

    Nice ride! Lexie traveled in Texas’ roads only because her best friend asked to accommodate her to the meeting party with a boyfriend. But as for Lexie, she never liked this-new guy, and her sixth gut sense never let her down. Her frustration multiplied when the rain started, and she was definitely lost in this unfamiliar location. With a water down-pour, she couldn’t see where she was, but when she turned to a different road fork, she found a cow right in front of her vehicle too late to stop. As for her “good luck” streak, the car smashed in to the animal and she couldn’t start it…The problems went on! She lost her cell phone in the mud, when she tried to move the cow…But then she saw a new born baby calf who was sinking in the mud… She tried to pull it out, but only sank herself… She knew she was a goner until two riders came to her rescue. After that a fever took over, and she lost her consciousness, until later she woke up in a hospital with a new name…. MRS. Ross! And yet she was never married before.