Bryan Hudson


Rev. Bryan Hudson, Th.B., B.S., M.S., is the founder and senior pastor of New Covenant Church & Ministries in Indianapolis, Indiana. He leads a multi-faceted ministry that seeks to empower people and leaders to fulfill their purpose through insightful teaching and life-changing resources. Bryan also directs Vision Communications, a progressive multimedia firm that creates relevant content for media sources such as print, radio, video and the internet. He also conducts multimedia training workshops for youth as a means to inspire them to become a force for godly change in society.

 As a writer, producer, and Bible teacher, Bryan communicates insights on cutting-edge issues that affect the church and its work in urban centers. Merging training and education in ministry, new media and education, he works to deliver solutions to people in need as well as equip leaders to effectively serve their congregations and communities. Bryan developed and is adjunct professor for a cutting-edge course a Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis.

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