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Smashwords book reviews by vitch

  • All Against All on Oct. 19, 2020

    Very talented author who captivates his readers attention with well told stories that are rich in underlying social commentary. In my experience this kind of authors are very rare and deserve being advertised as worth reading.
  • The War On Horror: Tales From A Post-Zombie Society on Oct. 19, 2020

    Plenty of pertinent social commentary woven into the plot of a very well written and enjoyable fiction story.
  • The War On Horror II: Return Of The Undead Menace on Oct. 19, 2020

    After having read the first volume of this series and having been positively thrilled by the content and style of the book I feared the second one would loose momentum, be a sequel of a successful book with less original content and pertinent social commentary. I was however surprised to see that the author did not waver in his consistency and rigor and that he still had plenty to say in the same enjoyable fast paced story telling style that is his.