Just a reader. A really lazy one. Not really a pedant on writing style*, but I like well-researched works and decent characterisation. Prone to genre stuff such as fantasy, sci-fi, historical, but hey, I'll give almost anything a try.

I've just got stuck into this whole 'ebook' business recently, having picked up an ereader. I hope to review all the books I've obtained from Smashwords soon; 'tis only fair considering the vast efforts these authors must have put into their works.

* (I like the Harry Potter series and think that Dan Brown's works are fun reads, even though they're sometimes derided for their simplistic writing styles. To take a different tack, one of my favourite books is the densely written 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell', and one of my favourite series is the Aubrey-Maturin series, just as impenetrable in a naval sense. Does this make me anathema? I'm not sure. Are my tastes in writing very confused? Most likely.)


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Smashwords book reviews by viviena

  • Encrypted on Feb. 03, 2011

    I saw the other day Encrypted featured on a blog. I read the excerpt, was hooked, and read the rest of the novel in a day. The characterisation is strong, and amply carries a detailed story which requires much of its protagonists and antagonists to be interesting and believable. Most of the characters are enjoyable to read about in some way. I was at first cautious of a hint of 'damsel in distress' whilst reading the blurb, but the female protagonist Tikaya, whilst having her flaws, is a competent and likeable character of some depth. In her developing relationship with the male protagonist Rias, they move the story beyond the cliches that often plague a typical romance novel. Not that this novel is merely romance, oh no -- there's a spirit of adventure in a solid plot which makes the novel fun and fast-paced, and the hybrid sci-fi/fantasy worldbuilding makes it intriguing. I also enjoyed how it seemed to be inspired partly by the quote 'any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'. This was a very enjoyable read, enough that I think I'll pick up The Emperor's Edge to read too. I'd also be keen on reading even just a bit more about Tikaya and Rias.