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  • The Billionaire Bad Boys Club on Nov. 15, 2012

    Emma Holly has always been one of my favorite erotica authors, rivaling Lora Leigh.. She is one woman who knows how to get my heart racing and make this reviewer uber-hot under the collar and I expected nothing less with her new release "The Billionaire Bad Boys Club". She did not disappoint me! Emma introduces us to Zane & Trey, best friends since high school, in every way imaginable. These shockingly sexy alpha-males have both overcome their own personal hell while growing up and their motivation, stamina & drive for success has brought them nearly everything they desire with their successful business The Billionaire Bad Boys Club.. These bad boys have just about everything one could desire... Fame, fortune, mansions, money & beautiful women falling all over these two seemingly eligible and oh-so-hot bachelors... Their private lives however reveal struggles with their pasts and a future threat from a family member that is on the edge of sanity.. That very private part of their lives also reveal that these two gorgeous men are in love with each other however, something is missing and they believe that "special something" is actually a special woman, whom they find in Rebecca... This beautiful, strong and confident woman has her own secrets from her past, but she can't seem to deny the requests of either Trey nor Zane and before she realizes it, she finds herself falling in love with both of the men.. Her brain wants to deny this but her heart & her body are like "Hell, Yeah!". These boys wreak all sorts of havoc on Rebecca's organized world and her nearly non-existent private & social life.. Not to mention the hot, steamy sex! They push her limits and she pushes theirs right back.. Can this threesome overcome so many obstacles and be happy together? Or will life & love tear them apart? Do NOT miss this book if you are a fan of erotic romance.. Emma Holly will steam up your glasses, computer screen & life, with her sensual, sexual-tension filled scenes and her characters will happily embed themselves in your heart & mind.. She is one author that needs to be on your "Favorites" and "Must-Read" lists... And this book is a mesmerizing, beautiful and oh-my-gods-hot work of art! ~Vicki Rose Bitten By Love Reviews