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  • Digging Your Own Well: Daoism as a Practical Philosophy on Aug. 26, 2018

    I've always seen Daoism as a great philosophy of life. It seems that few people in the West know anything about its philosophical tenets. This is unfortunate because Daoism (as opposed to Buddhism) offers a way to actively engage in the world, instead of retreating from it or 'overcoming' it. In this sense it is perhaps more akin to existentialism. This book is a good introduction to the values and tenets of Daoism. As the author remarks, Daoism in the West has often been assimilated either as a New Age practice, or as a subject for esoteric erudition in the academia. There is certainly a 'third way': Daoism can speak to the heart and the intelligence of every man and woman who will listen.