Norbert MS


Norbert is a vegan) since 2003. He’s an individualist communist whose goal is to bend nature with art and technology while putting great emphasis on the individuals’ healthy development and on protecting the environment.
He writes his books to help non-violent people and beings to get back some of their power they gave away for unjust and violent beings, and to help them to concentrate on the present, since those are the only moments that have the ability to get everyone out from negativities and those are the moments that can be used to create a wonderful future for every good hearted being on Earth and beyond…
One of his upcoming books will be about a system which is based upon saving the environment and equally distributing the wealth and workload amongst the people.
“As individuals we should have fair chances to be able to work on and accomplish our non-violent desires and ideas which we can share with others for experiencing more joy and happiness in life.”
“From the social point of view we should be united and we should protect our own birth right which is freedom from captivity and cruelty and freedom for living non-violently always considering other creatures and the environment.”


This member has not published any books.