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  • How to Use Military Experience to Qualify for the PMP® Exam on Nov. 13, 2016

    Timothy Dalhouse has written a fantastic book, “How to Use Military Experience to Qualify for the PMP® Exam”. For those that do not know, PMP® stands for Project Management Professional, and many military veterans that have considered it, view it as a daunting certification process. In addition to that, most veterans think we are disqualified to obtain it because we never considered the jobs we performed in the military would ever warrant us for this certification. Another reason most of us do not pursue this valuable certification, is because we lack the ability to translate our military experiences to civilian language. Timothy Dalhouse eloquently guides us showing us the process, as well as explaining how almost all of us do qualify for the PMP®. Not only that, he provides several examples in military language, and subsequently provides the same example translated to civilian language. This book is truly something all military personnel interested in obtaining the Project Management Professional certification, should read. It is designed, and should be used as a guide to obtaining your PMP® certification. If you are still active duty, you will be ahead of the game. If you recently separated, then start remembering and documenting according to the steps outlined in his book. While this book cannot take the PMP® exam for you, it can certainly guide you all the way to the approval process to sit for the exam. I highly recommend this book for those seeking to excel in the civilian sector.