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  • Son of Saul on Oct. 05, 2011

    Arthur Ward’s historical novel brings into sharp focus the ever-pertinent question of the nature of the divine as perceived in the Hebrew tradition. The suspicion that divine will is arbitrary is examined obliquely by Ward, whose skilful portrayal of landscapes, weaponry, battlefield tactics, and human relationships suggests that the operations of the divine will have to be seen in both the particular outcomes of individual lives and against the grand canvas of human history. Thus, the agonies of King Saul who no longer enjoys divine favor have to give way to the blessings of the new favorite, King David, because ultimately, is not the individual but the inexorable working out of interventions in history that need to be comprehended in order to grasp the significance of one’s own life. Ward’s crafting of this tale is evocative and gripping, filling out the human story behind the Hebrew remembrance of history. Both scholars and clergy will benefit from the masterful story-telling that lends color to the compressed Biblical text, making possible a continuing journey into complex and paradoxical narrative that still inspires.