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  • The Mind Readers, Book 1 on Jan. 24, 2011

    I liked how the different facets of mind reading and mind control are touched upon in this story. Nice balance of character growth, action and romance. Would like to know more about mr grey eyes...
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells on July 09, 2011

    This was a nice start for a YA witch series. We are introduced to this witch world along with the main character, Portia, as she learns of her powers. Portia and Vance make for such a lovey dovey couple. But what gets interesting with their relathionship is the twist at the end.
  • Save My Soul (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Preternaturals Book 2) on July 09, 2011

    I am still new to the demon world and this story was a good way to get them on my good side. Luc is such a sweet demon if demons can be sweet that I found him as irresistible as the main character, Anna. I should also mention that the demon focus was on an incubus. ooo, and there is a cool twist in the end that I liked to this paranormal romance.
  • The Ghost Of A Flea on Aug. 20, 2011

    Good thriller with lots of characters, lots of red herrings, lots of wondering "what the..." Although this one did not keep me guessing "who" until the end, it kept me wondering "why"?