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Smashwords book reviews by marilyn ortega

  • DreamZ (Wunder 0.5) on Feb. 01, 2017

    This book is my first Zombie book ever!!, A great well written smooth paced read, introducing her main characters Wunder and Pete. I enjoyed it very much that I'm on to book #1. Its sexually steamy yet not over the top. And they kick Zombie butt. With secrets of their own and an unevitable attraction, I just can't wait what will become of these two. Beautifully written, exciting characters and an awesome story plot!
  • Listen, Just Once on Feb. 01, 2017

    A story of a little girl who dared to speak, and overcame her nightmare. In a world less than perfect and unfortunate circumstances, children suffer from this act and go unheard. This story brought tears to my eyes and anger because of its reality. No child should suffer such an unspeakable act, but the truth is, it is happening and they are. Someone needs to be a voice, let it be known, make it stop one voice at a time. It may be an unbearable read to many, it may even hit home to others, but it is a reality and not speaking about it won't make it stop or go away. A true emotional read.
  • Blood Dance (Blood Dance #1) on Feb. 01, 2017
    (no rating)
    I totally enjoyed this read, Author A.R. Von makes this book feel like something right out of a horror movie, it has it all, it's a very imaginative read, for those who love Valentine's, this story is definitely anything but what we consider Valentines Day to be. The story has a great pace, has an incredible plot, with every turn of a page you are left wondering, guessing, and and never see her curve balls coming. I was left in awe many times saying to my self NO WAY! I really wish it had been longer, It has all the potential and the cliffhanger for a book #2.
  • The Approach (Wunder #1) on Feb. 01, 2017

    When I first read Wunder 0.5 I thought ok a zombie book can't be anymore different than the movies and I believe I have seen them all, well I was wrong!!! The Approach, bring to me a whole new light on the meaning of Zombie! It is different and Unique, to say the least. With the introduction of her characters in book 0.5 which is free!!!!! Book one gives you a more understanding of who Wunder is. It is a fast pace, sweet yet, hot riveting read. A page-turner, beautifully written with depth to her description of everything, as well as her character's, it will swallow you in and leave you wanting more! Loved the book can't wait to read book #2, Wunder and Pete are amazing character's, you will fall in love with instantaneously.
  • Teamwork (Wunder #3) on Feb. 01, 2017

    The best book in series yet!! With 776 on the loose there is no telling what may happen. Wunder, Pete, and Tank have been sent to hunt him. Full of action. I can't wait to read how it un-folds for them in Book #4
  • Reunion (Wunder #2) on Feb. 01, 2017

    A brilliant continuation to the series. I have fallen so in love with Wunder and Pete, their connection is Inevitable, they were meant to be. Love how strong of a female character Wunder is, she is a no holds bar kinda fighter, all buisness. And Pete oh so ever loving, their romance is super hot and steamy, they are the perfect combination of awesomeness The story picked up right where it left off which made it a delight and easy to follow. What more is in store for these two Zombie Killer worrior's, it can only get better from here, can't wait to hit book three. A deffinite book to get if you like a kick ass female with a hunky man on her side, along with some other awesome character's which I hope to read more of!!
  • Envy's Curse on Feb. 01, 2017

    Loved this book, Author A.R. Von has the best way of giving a fatal ending, an HEA. This book has all the drama of a reality show with a paranormal twist. I completely recommend this book to anyone who loves a great story.
  • Jailhouse Rock on Feb. 01, 2017

    Author AR Von brings love to an Unconventional place. When Bonnie's cousin ends up in jail, guilty by association she supports him and visits him on a regular basis, she catches the eye of one of the CO's Dean, he knew from that moment on he had to meet her. Bonnie too has had her eye on Dean, the question is, how do you get to know a person in such a place? Read and find out how love can be found in one of the most unusual places. I enjoyed the story very much, the character's are believable and the romance between them is not rushed, the build up is sweet, sexy and sensual. I recommend this read to all who love a true romance story, one that flourishes the love before the actual act of love making.
  • Lady's Destiny on Feb. 01, 2017

    P.S. No spoilers only my imput on the book,, and it's a deff one click get!! I Love the world that Author A.R. Von has created in this book. The story was amazing as well as her character's. in a world where unicorns and magical creatures exist darkness and light at war, forbidden love granted and danger's around every corner. A true depth to this read so well written, captivating and enticing, keeps you engaged to the very end. Anxiously awaiting more!!
  • Reap What You Sow (Reap #1) on Feb. 01, 2017

    This story is way different from many of the books I have read, Author A.R. Von brings a uniqueness to the story. It was heartfelt and touching to the soul for those who have pets, it was by far one of her best stories yet, romance and a touch of paranormal, this book does not disappoint. The characters are easy to fall in love with and the story was very original. I recommend this book to all who love their pets or a great romance.
  • Sweetest Treat on Feb. 01, 2017

    This is an old school fairy tale with a modern day twist. Author A.R. Von did an amazing job bringing back to life one of my most favorite fairy tales, with a sweet, hot and sexy twist. What can a girl crave more than chocolate, well a fine looking man, why not! Get sucked into an erotic desire of sweets and flesh. Very well written, with a great flow and characters you will fall in love with immediately. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a short yet hot read.