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  • Who Censored Roger Rabbit? on Jan. 20, 2011

    You can't compare the book with the Disney Film. This is no juvenile literature, no way. Toons live side-by-side with humans, all around the world. They are no cuddly stars, just there to provide entertainment to humans. They "love and hate and cry and laugh", they struggle for their carreer, they have secrets to keep. They kill. The whole atmosphere is darker. Eddie Valiant relies on cards to pay the rent, he's a decent man and still a true alcohol lover. You won't see a single character with no vices here. If you ask me, I tend to prefer the book. What with the scathing remarks in Eddie's thoughts and the weirdness of the toons speaking in baloons, I can't remind of a single boring chapter. Tough with not much action, the story becomes more and more intriguing just to take a final unexpected twist. Which also happens to be the only flaw in my opinion, as a matter of fact, I don't like misteries dealing with totally unforeseeable event. But, in Eddie's words, with Toons you know enough to expect the ridiculous!